A spinoff where Tootie, tired of her miserable life with her evil sister Vicky, happens to find a Genie lamp one day while walking home from school. She rubs it and Timmy Turner, a magical genie, appears. They end up having pretty crazy adventures.

In a similar style as South Park, which changes its opening every season, each episode features different episode scenes towards the end of the opening.

Episode List

Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code Title Card Screenshot

A Swingin G.E.N.I.E!

September 30, 2009 A Swingin G.E.N.I.E!: 101 Swingin Genie Title Card

Tootie's in Love

October 3, 2009 Tootie's in Love 102 Tootie's In Love


October 5, 2009 Skylark 103


October 10, 2009 Nega-Tootie, or The Other Side of Darkness 104
Nega Tootie Title Card


October 15, 2009 Concert 105a

Detective Tootie in: Where's the Necklace?

October 15, 2009 (as a short before the credits of "Concert") Detective Tootie in: Where's the Necklace? 105b

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