• Only one of Tootie's friends is shown in this episode, and it is Veronica.
  • Norm McDonald is credited as Timmy, making this his second role as a genie character; his first being Norm for his first two appearances in "Fairly OddParents".
  • The lamp Timmy is in is The Genie's lamp from "Aladdin".
  • Timmy mentions that "Genies have been bluffin for centuries. The third wish CAN be for more wishes", just like Norm in "Genie Meanie Miney Mo".
  • Tootie is putting together a puzzle of the title card for the Danny Phantom Christmas special.
  • The theme song music is the instrumental of "Give Me the Wand" from "Fairy Idol". Interestingly, that song is where this episode's title came from.

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