Episode Awards


Baby Fairy

Make a full synopsis for an episode page and get this award!

Square-y Fairy

Make a new episode page and get this award!

Jared and Janet


Make a title card for 5 fanmade episodes and get this award.

Terry Tucker


Add one picture to a synopsis and get this award!

Blog Awards

Turner Valentines Day Part 1

Love Blogging!Make 5 blog posts and get this award!

Tammy and tommy

Characteristics of Blogs

Make 10 blog posts and get this award!


Brain Swap

Make 15 blog posts and get this award!

Specialty Awards


Clean Userpage

Clean up your userpage and get this award!

Getting Awards

To ask for getting the award for doing something, go to Acheivement Awards/Requests

Getting All Awards

If you get all the awards, you will be awarded this award:



Get all awards and get this award!

Be proud for getting these badges!

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