Adventurous and Musical Episode Set! is a fanmade DVD made by User:Mractivity featuring 8 fanmade episodes and 2 TV Series episodes.

Episodes on this DVD

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
S96 Croc Talk Crocker decides to make an exciting show where he interviews reptiles. July 30, 2015 Croc Talk
22A Shiny Teeth Dr. Bender rips out Chip Skylark's teeth, which stops him from singing, forcing Timmy Turner to contact the Tooth Fairy to seek aid in recovering Chip's teeth. November 30, 2002 Shiny Teeth
S919 Chip Off The Old Self Timmy wishes to be the best singer in the world, but when the fame and fortune comes, Timmy's life is too perfect, meaning he's willing to lose Cosmo and Wanda! What will he do? June 12, 2015 Chip Off The Old Self
S94 Timmy's 3-D House of Horror Timmy turns Vicky's house into a 3-D horror so he could defend Tootie from her and save her life. July 2, 2015 Timmy's 3-D-House of Horror
S97 Swarm Pit Mr. Turner gets a farm and makes Timmy his scarecrow, but when Mr. Turner spreads that spreadable honey around him so he'll smell better, the swarm of bees start coming in! August 16, 2015 Swarm Pit
S28A Boys in the Band Timmy is mad at Dimmsdale's singing sensation Chip Skylark for holding a concert on Timmy's birthday, so the 10-year old plans to hold him hostage using Vicky. March 1, 2002 Boys In The Band
S921 Cadde vs. Cadde Timmy and Kimmy are having fun with their fairies, but then Anti-Cadde bursts in wanting to eliminate Cadde, then Cadde, tries to summon up enogh power to blow Anti-Cadde away, but to no availableness, so Kimmy sends note to Fairy World that they need Crocker to Spaz out as loud as he can to overcharge the big Giant Wand and send out a magical blast powerful enough to blow Anti-Cadde out of Dimmsdale, so they show Crocker all the fairies in Fairy World, and Crocker Spazzes out so loud, he can be heard all the way in Canada, and the bigGiant wand is over charged, and then countdown 321 real fast, and Anti-Cadde is blasted into Abracatraz prison, and Anti-Cadde pvows to escape and get revenge on Cadde. Cadde vs. Cadde
S922 Do The Scoobie Doo There's a mystery to solve for Poof and The Fairy Crew!
s95 Mystic and Faries There's a new fairy and Timmy & Co. have to find him/her/it. Mysticandfaries
s92 OddHypno Jorgen develops a Hypnotacyn, to control the minds of any fairy who disobeys him. But prior to the Fairy-Anti Fairy War, Anti-Cosmo and Head Pixie try to steal the hypnotacyn to control Fairy World.

Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes from Croc Talk and OddHypno
  • Original "Swarm Pit" title card
  • Make Your Own Hypnotacyn
  • Music video for the song "Shiny Teeth"
  • "Date Chip Skylark" program
  • Audio Commentaries
  1. OddHypno by Mr. E (look at the name)
  2. Cadde vs. Cadde by Jtsfan13
  3. Mystic and Fairies by That Gamer
  4. Croc Talk by Mractivity

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