• Timmy: Not now, Poof! Playing..Awesome...Violant...Video..Game....Must....Not....STOP!
  • Poof: Uhh. *Sighs* (He reads the label and sees its rated R)
  • Poof: Hmph! Poof, Poof! (Take this, Timmy! That's for not playing with me!) (Poofs Timmy into a baby)
  • Poof: Hee-hee ha! Poof!
  • Timmy as a baby: De dabba boo ba goo! (Poof! What happened? What did you do to me!?)
  • Poof: Poof! (You didn't play with me!)
  • Vicky: (Behind the door) Hey, Twerp! Guess who!
  • Timmy: Goo goo! Baba-Gee! (Oh, no! It's Vicky!) (Crawls under the bed to hide)
  • Vicky: Aright Twerp, WHERE ARE YOU?!
  • Poof: (quietly) uh-oh! (Poofs into Timmy's violant video game)
  • Vicky: Hey, I said where are you-what's this? (Picks up Poof disguised as the game) Ooh, must be the twerp's game. Eh, looks cool enough for me, I'll just take it home to my house and play it since the twerp's nowhere in sight.
  • Poof: Poof, Pooooof! (Oh, no! Not Vicky's house!)
  • Vicky: What was that?
  • Poof: (Shushes himself to be quiet) Shhhhh!
  • Vicky: Come on, violant game, let's do violance together! HAHAHAHHHAAAAHAAAAAA!
  • Vicky: (Running down the street with Poof) Move it or lose it, bubs! (pushing kids aside)
  • Poof: (quietly) Aha! Hee-hee ha! Poof, POOOOOF!!!! (Poof shakes his rattle and a magical NRRRRRRRRRRRRR noise begins, and a bright yellow glow appears over and around Vicky)
  • POOF!
  • Poof: (Is dropped onto the ground next to a baby Vicky) Poof, Poof! Hee-Hee!
  • Vicky: (Starts to cry) WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
  • Tootie: (Was skipping down the sidewalk when she saw what happened to Vicky) *Gasps* Vicky! what happened?!
  • Vicky: Too-tie? (Stops crying a little bit)
  • Tootie: (Notices her sister's diaper was full and picks her up to take her home when she trips over Poof, who accidently turns HER into a baby, too!) Ooomff!! (Lands on the concrete as a baby wearing a diaper, the very same glasses and shirt, and a binky in her mouth. And she starts to cry too.) WWHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Timmy in his baby talk: Ba Goo Goo Gee Gee Ga Goo Gooey Baba!? (Poof! Why are you doing this to us?!) ''''Timmy: (Uses his diaper as parachute to float down to Poof to persaude him to turn them back to normal when suddenly Happy Peppy Gary and Betty appear with their Peppy truck and see the three unattended infants and pick them up and take them to the Happy Peppy, Learnatorium! But Poof, still in his video game form and is left behind.)
  • Wanda: (At Fairy World Mall) Cosmo, My Poof sences are going wild! Poof needs something!
  • Poof: (On Wanda's wrist phone) Poof poof poof poof poof poof! Poof! Poof! POOOOOOOF! Poof Poof! POOF POOF POOFY POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFF!! Poof! Poof Poof! Poff Poofy Poof.
  • Wanda: We're on our way Poof!
  • Cosmo: What did he say?
  • Wanda: I have no idea. Come on, Jellyhead!
  • Cosmo: What KIND of jelly?

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