Series Name
Season 11, Episode 8
! Cadde's Playdate !
Written by User:CAPRAFILMS
Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Ding Dong
Trixie's Party

Cadde's Playdate is the 8th fanmade episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 11.



Cadde has her first playdate with Poof, But they want more friends to play with! So they call up Jorgan Von Strangle, Juandissimo Magnifico, Blonda, Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and Binky the Fairy and turn them all into babies! Not much later, Cosmo again turns him and Wanda into babies again, and there's two big problems: 1. Timmy is supposed to cook dinner for his parents on time for their anniversy, And 2, The Babies are playing hide-and-go-seek! Can Timmy catch all the babies and cook dinner for his parents on time?

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