Previously on an episode of the Fairly Oddparents...

Timmy wished away Foop (since Da Rules says you cannot interfere with magic. But since Da Rules was stolen it wasn't enforced)

Now Timmy is magically poofed to a haunted house with a graveyard. Will he make it out? Or become one of the dead? Find out on this episode.

Anti-Cosmo: Just kidding!! I'm not Jorgen! *Throws teleporting sleeping gas grenade*

  • Boom!*
  • A few mins later*

Timmy: *Vision Blurs* Ugh.... Where am I?

  • Wolf howls*

Timmy: C-c-c-Cosmo? W-w-w-w-Wanda? P-p-p-p-Poof?

Timmy: I can't be scared! What am I? 4?

  • Skeleton corpse falls out of nowhere*


  • Early Echo*

Timmy: Sure this place is creepy.

  • Wanda wakes up*

Wanda: I've got to find Timmy!

  • Cosmo wakes up*

Cosmo: Oh no! It's the hunt again!

  • Poof wakes up*

Poof: Poof Poof?

  • Poof cries*

Wait for part 2!







Skeleton (cameo)

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