Evil Trixie is the evil form/clone of Trixie Tang. She used to live in the Anti-Fairy World, but moved to Dimmsdale after an Anti-Fary dumpped her. She used to like Mal-Timmy, but broke up with him, because he cheated on her. (she caught him in love with someone else)


She is an evil form/clone of Trixie Tang, but not the same person. She likes to prank people, pull fire alarms, troll Internet forums, and laugh evilly when she's about to do something evil.




She looks alot like Trixie, as she has the same hair colour, and the same eye colour. However, Evil Trixie likes to wear lipstick. Her clothes are the same, but Evil Trixie has a big red "E" on it for Evil, and her hairband is dark red, and her skirt is black.

Relationship with other characters

  • Mal-Timmy: She used to be in love with Mal-Timmy, but she broke up with him when he ditched her.

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