Narrator: Timmy is an average kid,

and people put him down,

Narrator: But then one day

he fell into the sea,

landing on Patrick's knees,

and there were these starfish

who were actually,

Timmy's fairies in reality!

They are his OddStarfish,

Fairly OddStarfish,

they flip your lid when you are a star,


Fairly OddStarfish

Patrick: I wish

Timmy Turner

had gills!

Krabby Patty,

Sheldon Plankton,



Larry with the abs!

Narrator: OddStarfish,

Fairly OddStarfish,

They flip your lid when you are a sponge

with Fairly OddStarfish!

Patrick: Crap that's the end

(Patrick change heads into the headgag of the episode' i.e: as a reference to a FOP episode's headgag, both of them switch heads)

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