When Danny Phantom is chasing after Skulker, he accidentally bumps into Timmy Turner who was running away from Vicky. Then, Dudley Puppy was walking around town on a solo mission to sneak up on D.O.O.M. Dudley, Danny and Timmy team up to stop Skulker, Vicky and D.O.O.M. with Cosmo and Wanda's magic, ghost powers and brand new laser guns. BOOM! GO PHANTOM, TURNER AND PUPPY!


Timmy Turner Cosmo Cosma Wanda Fairywinkle Poof Fairywinkle/ Cosma Danny Fenton/ Phantom Dudley Puppy Vicky Skulker D.O.O.M.


The Fairly Odd Phantom Puppy The Fairly Odd Parents theme Danny Phantom theme T.U.F.F. Puppy theme

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