Golden Acorn Cake is A Cake That Cosmoa Mentions In O.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.:Sponge It Is Mentioned In The Scene Where Cosmoa Is Seen In SpongeBob's Bath Tub Taking A Bubble Bath She Says I Wonder If Timmy And Spongebob Like Golden Acorn Cakes? It Also Makes An Appearance In The Great Food Fight! Whan Cosmoa Asks Elmer Fudd If He Wants To Have Some Acorn Cake With Her But Elmer Almost Knocked It Out Of Her Hands Cosmoa Described It Being Gold And Acorn Shaped And A Delicious Purple Jelly Filling. Description:It Is A Food Loved By Many People Mostly Eaten By Plant Humans. It's Revealed That Cosmo Likes Acorn Cakes He Was Going To Eat One Of The Acorn Cakes But It Got Smashed By Elmer Fudd When He Says Grilled Cheese Is The Best Food Ever. Appearance:It Is A Acorn-Shaped Cake It's Color Can Be A Bronze Or A Gold Color And A Cream Filling Or A Jelly Filling And\Or A Golden Lining.

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