Nega Chin: I used to be cooped up in a book all day!

But now that I'm back I have something to say!

It's time for me to get my revenge!

You don't know how long I've been waiting!

All these years, there's only one person who I've been hating!

It was YOU, Timmy Turner!

Yeah, you were the one!

Timmy: Gee, haven't heard THAT before.

Nega Chin: My evil plan is coming to fruition!

Soon you'll be trapperd in my evil institution!

I've got a plan, you see....

To eliminate you, Timmy!

There's nothing you can do, my friend!

Can't you see? This is the end!

All of my superpowered minions,

Arise and make this world my dominion!


Crocktopus: YES!


Baby Shredder: Get CLAWED!

Nega Chin: SHORT FUSE!

Short Fuse: Did you say short?

Nega Chin: THE BULL-E!

Bull-E: (laughs evilly)

Nega Chin: And.....


(song ends with the villains laughing evilly while escaping)

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