I'm Evil! is a song sung by Nega Timmy in "Remnesia".


Nega Timmy: (eerie laughter)
I have risen from the darkness!
You shall all feel my wickedness!
There's one boy in particular,
One boy who stands in my way!
His name is Timmy Turner,
And he shall be crushed today!

I'll make him miserable!
Just think of how sad he will be,
When he's no longer memorable
In the eyes of his precious Tootie!

Why, you may ask, am I performing such a task?
Well let me tell you plainly.......
Allow me to explain,
Let me etch it in your brain!
Why I wish to cause Timmy such pain!

I'm evil, you see,
Just take a look at me!
What else could I possibly be?
I'm your worst nightmare!
Cross me if you dare!
You'll get caught in my stare!

I'm positively cruel!
I break ALL the rules!
That boy Turner is a fool,
To think he's anything like me!
I shall cause him great sadness,
And drive him into madness!

Then you'll see just how evil I

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