In this episode of "A Girl and Her Genie", Timmy decides to take Tootie into his lamp after she asks him what he does when he's not granting wishes or masquerading as a student.




  • When Timmy shows Tootie the Dance Hall, a melody plays that sounds identical to "Tootie's Rap-sody" from "Tootie's in Love".


  • The inside of Timmy's lamp resembles the Taj Mahal.
  • A silhouette of Arnold can be seen in a picture on one of the walls in Timmy's room. (It's above his bed)
  • When Timmy and Tootie are dancing, the silhouettes behind them are Cosmo, Wanda and Poof from the original Fairly OddParents series.


  • When Timmy and Tootie enter the lamp, Timmy is in his normal outfit as he was in the beginning. But in every other scene, he's wearing his "Terry Strong" outfit.

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