&nbsp Journey to the center of Trixie Tang is the 9th episode of season 9.


Timmy's having lunch when Poof acdentaliy gets swallowed by Trixie and the Big Wand stopped working. Of course, Mystic provides Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy the power to warp to get inside Trixie. All THEY have to do, is get within 3 meters of her.

Meanwhile, Poof has found her way to Trixie's brain and starts jumping around turning off stuff like 'Coolness' and 'Don't like Timmy' and turning on stuff like 'Burping'.

Timmy gets invited to Trixie's party that night (see above for the reason why) and manages to warp into her body. The Anti-Bodies come and tries to destroy them, while Trixie makes a fool of herself. Then they find Poof and have a big chase, making Trixie look more stupid then see already is.

The next day, The Big Wand turns back on and they forgot to turn 'Don't like Timmy' back on.


  • The tittle paodies "Journey to the center of the Earth"
  • The brain segment refferences to "He Poofs, He Scores".

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