La La La Love! is a song by Timmy, Tootie, Trixie, and Remy in "Timmy Knows the Truth".


Timmy: I feel strange inside.
Something I've never felt before.
Tootie: And I don't have to hide
My feelings from you anymore!
Timmy: I think I'm in...
Timmy and Tootie: La la la la love!

Trixie: Oh Remy, you're so sweet...
Remy: And your looks can't be beat!
Trixie and Remy: When I'm with you,
I'll never be blue!

Tootie: Ooh......
Timmy: How could I have been so blind?
Now my past is far behind!
My true love is here in front of me!

Yes, it's true!
Tootie: Timmy...
Remy: Trixie...
All: I'm in la la la love...

(song ends)

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