This is the list of episodes in the fan fiction, The Fairy Show.

Season 1

1. The Pilot

2. A Fairy High School

3. Meeting Again

4. Second Date?

5. Dater Haters

6. Parent-Son Visit

7. Jorgen Gets the Trickups... Again

8. Come On Baby, Light My Fire

9. The Retro Party

10. Poof Gets Married

Season 2

11. Poof & Goldie Become Fairy Godparents

12. Tommy & Tammy Turner?

13. Poof is Pregnant, Part 1

14. Poof is Pregnant, Part 2

15. Time Travelling Fairies

16. Poof Befriends Foop

17. Foop & Pumpkin

More commin at ya soon!

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