This is a complete episode guide of Timmy and the Cockroaches. A series based on The Fairly OddParents and Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Season 0

Episode name Plot summary Happy ending (Timmy or cockroaches episode #
Scout's Donor Timmy goes to the Squirrelry Puffs scout. But the cockroaches interrupt his scouting and wreak havoc in Camp Squirrel. Cockroaches E1
Fairy for a Cockroach Cosmo and Wanda have a day-off inside their castle. But interrupted by Scaredy, Kenny and Joey. Cockroaches E2
Scrambled Wands Cockroach Joey steals Cosmo and Wanda's wands. And both, along with Timmy try to retrieve it from the roaches. Cockroaches E3
The Dark Side of the Bed It's Friday the 13th. So Anti-Faries strike here. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda team up with the cockroach trio to cause bad luck in Dimmsdale Timmy E4

Season 1

Episode name Plot summary Happy ending (Timmy or Cockroaches) Episode #
Cockroach Trouble Timmy has a quiet day until... A trio of roaches strikes to make Timmy's life miserable Cockroaches E5
Timmy's Clone Timmy buys a Clone-inator used to make cloned versions of himself. How will the cockroaches react to this? Both (excluding Joey) E6
Party of Five!

Timmy's sister Sarah prepares meals for her brother's birthday. But the cockroaches make a mess to ruin her party.

First Appearance: Sarah.

Cockroaches E7
Semi-Bitter Chocolate Timmy buys a box of deluxe chocolate. But the cockroaches steal it. Cockroaches E8
On-Limits The cockroaches move in to Rob's house. Bringing Timmy's fridge, television and money. Will Timmy force the cockroaches to go home or will Rob just punch him out of his house? Both E9
Police University Timmy and Zack go to Rob's police training camp. Timmy always conquered every training level. Thanks to the roaches. But Zack... nnnot exactly! Both (excluding Zack) E10
Me! Zack builds a long expressway that connects Dimmsdale to New York City. But the cockroaches have other plans. Cockroaches E11
Super Duper LOOOOONG Garden! Timmy is gardening peacefully until the cockroaches steal his crops and keep making pranks on him. Cockroaches E12
Babysitting Blues Timmy babysits Poof while Cosmo and Wanda are out. But the cockroaches try to steal him. Both E13
Skyscraper-Caper Zack is building his own office building. But the cockroaches always threaten to destroy it. Timmy E14

Baby Boom

Timmy's yard is now raining babies by a stork and tries take them to Rob's yard. But brings it back. Will Timmy win this or will Rob take them back to his house.

Cockroaches and Rob E15
A Mile in My Cockroach Timmy finds a fairy kit while walking home and uses it to gain revenge to the cockroaches. Cockroaches E16
Timmy's Clone Redux (Another Story) The cockroaches disguised themselves to make a hit-and-run prank to Zack. Timmy and Zack E17
It's All Out of Control The Cockroaches control Zack's brain to wreak havoc in Timmy's house. Timmy E18
It's A Cold Cold Day! The cockroaches take control with Timmy's airconditioner thermostat to "Antartic cold" temperature that causes the entire world to have a 2nd ice age. Cockroaches E19


Timmy watches Sleazy and Cheezy with Zack. An effect that happened to them after watching the show, Both wreak havoc on the roaches Both E20
Abra-Catast-Roach-Phe! The first T&TC movie. Timmy has kept his faries for 1 year so the magic muffin returns. But the cockroaches try to ruin his Fairy-versary by stealing the muffin. Cockroaches E21
That's Spirit of Life A Halloween special. Timmy finally finished the cockroaches off with a frying pan. But the cockroaches return as ghosts to make Timmy life even more miserable and wreak havoc in his house Nobody E22
The Hospital Patient Timmy takes care of Zack after being frozen in an ice block while chasing the roaches. But the roaches put lumps on his tongue and also change his medicine to a disgusting version. Timmy E23
Toys 'R' Timmy Timmy has alot of toys he bought in christmas. But the cockroaches steal his toys and makes them AI special thanks to a high-tec artificial robot brain. Cockroaches E24
Go Low With Your Dough Timmy is baking cake for Zack's birthday. But the cockroaches steal his pastry. Both E25
Timmy and the Giant Roaches The roaches plant binocular lenses to Timmy's eyes causing him to see giant things that scares him Cockroaches E26
Timmy's Double Timmy encounteres another kid who almost resembles him (Saved for white gloves). How will Joey react to this? Both (excluding Joey) E27
Golf Attack! Zack knows he's a good golfer. But Timmy knows that he's not. Both suffer pummels from Zack's wild swings. Cockroaches E28
The War of the Golf Game Another golf episode. Both Zack and Timmy play mini-golf. But the cockroaches wreak havoc on their swings. Timmy E29
Golf War Yet another golf episode. Zack and Timmy are qualified for the All-Star Open Championship. But the cockroaches try to ruin their performance Timmy E30
Nine Ball Mayhem Both Zack and Timmy play pool each other. Zack knows that he's better than Timmy. But Timmy is way better than him. The roaches came hear to wreak havoc ones again Both (excluding Zack) E31
Steerike! Timmy and Zack play baseball with their team "Dimmsdale Wildcats" in the World Series. But the cockroaches try to ruin their performance (e.g. exchanging their special bat to a weak bat) Both E32
Spare or Strike Timmy and Zack play bowling. But the cockroaches have other plans. Timmy E33
Lights In, Lights Out The Other Timmy wishes for 12 hours of no light in the other Dimmsdale. But the wish really reached to the other Dimmsdale which disrupt Timmy. He suffers accidents like falling down the stairs or hitting walls. Both E34
Goin' Up, Goin Down Timmy builds an elevator so he won't have any hastle to climb the stairs. But the cockroaches take control in his elevator Cockroaches E35
Caught in a Trap Timmy builds a security laser system so that he won't have another big mess caused by the cockroaches on his house again. Timmy E36
Mission Timmy Timmy kidnaps Scaredy and locked up in the fridge and once again he reuses his security system. Will Timmy succeed in this operation or will Joey and Kenny save Scaredy? Timmy E37
It's Been A Tough Days Noise Timmy wants to listen to his music to his own peace. But the cockroaches decided to smash the volume up by playing some annoyance. Cockroaches E38
Do Not Lean Over the Window Timmy is going to Nowhere, New York via train. However, the cockroaches hijacked the train and just like that, Zack tries to enter the train and save Timmy and get rid of the roaches Timmy E39
Shake Timmy Shake Timmy and Zack are spring cleaning their house but, for obvious reasons, the cockroaches cranked Timmy coffee QUITE a bar and making Timmy doing stuff FAST! Cockroaches E40
So Totally Lonely! Timmy finally kicks out the roaches. But when he starts to miss them, he leads into a severe tantrum Neither E41
Controlled Freak Zack and Timmy are having a race contest from who can take advantage with the TV's remote control. Something that could turn into mayhem. Timmy E42
Chattering Box Timmy buys a new type of crackers that cause anyone who eats can speak not stop gibberish. Scaredy ate a cracker and started talking gibberish. Both Joey and Kenny aren't even impressed on Scaredy's new verbal skills (And no else above the characters). Until Zack ate a cracker and finally both of them can communicate each other. Neither E43
Go For It, Zack Timmy and Zack are playing tennis. Until Zack got busy trying to impress Timmy's sister. The cockroaches try to succeed to ruin Zack and Sarah's romantic relasionship. Both E44
Clone Sprayer Tired of weak insecticides to get rid of the cockroaches, Zack creates a new chemical to kill the roaches. But instead of killing them, the chemical is able to create a clone of themselves and wreak havoc on Zack and Timmy. Neither E45
Roach Hotel Timmy checks into a hotel as the V.I.P guess. But the cockroaches wreak havoc in the hotel. Cockroaches E46
Timmy and Zerry Timmy encounteres a mouse and tries to chase it. However, the cockroaches saved the mouse from Timmy's attempt to kill it. Will Timmy get rid of the mouse or will the cockroaches befriend it. Cockroaches E47
Black or White? Timmy is testing his new super strong detergent. However, the cockroaches overflow the washing-machine. Causing his entire home to be covered in blue foam. When a raincloud washed it away, his entire home has lost its color leaving a great deppresion to Timmy and the 3 cockroaches. Neither E48
French Fries Mayhem! After Timmy cooked french fries, Timmy has a good snack. Only to take it back from the roaches. Both E49
Zack or Zill?

Zack is watching TV. But the cockroaches try to disturb Zack (e.g. breaking the screen, cutting the electric circuit which leads Zack to electrocute himself)

(Note: Timmy is seen briefly in this episode. In the beggining and the end)

Both (excluding Zack) E50
Brand New Squid in Town Timmy encounteres a Yugopotamian in his backyard. Timmy tries to save him before the cockroaches eat him!. Timmy E51
Pizza Delivery! Zack opens a pizza bussiness with Timmy as the delivery man. But it just got worse when the cockroaches started to steal their pizzas to deliver. Both E52
Amnesia Cockroach Joey is hit on the head and Timmy treats him like a kid. Now Kenny and Scaredy try to get another blow on his head to restore his memory. Cockroaches E53
Sarah and the Cockroaches Timmy hires his sister Sarah to guard his house while their out. But the cockroaches try to ruin Sarah's day on her brother's house. Cockroaches E54
Shopping Mayhem Timmy goes to the newly built NW Mall to go shopping. But the cockroaches wreak havoc in the shopping center. Timmy E55
Race to the Finish Line Timmy and Zack have a remote control racing competition with each other. However, the cockroaches are endangered about the RC cars which leads them to be flattened. Timmy E56
A Trip for the Road Timmy and Zack are going to New York via his own Dimmsdale Expressway. However, the cockroaches are there and wreak havoc in their car. Cockroaches E57
Snow Bounders Timmy and Zack go to the ski-resort with his faries. But the cockroaches steal Timmy's fishbowl and bury it under the snow. Will Timmy save his faries or will the cockroaches freeze them. Both E58
Green War

Timmy attempts to get a pine tree ready in time for Christmas, despite a dispute involving his inner-angel and inner-demon. To add insult to injury (or was it the other way around?), his inner-demon joins forces with the cockroaches and attempt to destroy all of the trees and even blowing up his presents Timmy prepares for Christmas Time.

Cockroaches E59
Rock 'n' Roll Atitude

Zack and Timmy are going to China via plane. However Timmy is scared to go on planes leading him to overreact and bite Zack's hand. Meanwhile, the cockroaches hijack the plane to get rid of Timmy.

(Goof: In the episode Docu-dentally and Flight Attendance, Timmy isn't scared of going on planes in those episode)

Cockroaches E60
Roach Kit Zack is building a roach squaher. All he needs is silence. The roaches threaten to make loud noise causing Zack to go "SHHHH!!!" Cockroaches E61
Docu-dentally Timmy gets a video cam to film his own documentary about the cockroaches. However, to add insult to injury, The roaches make a show called "VIDEO FUN" to make fun of Timmy as a puppet. Cockroaches E62
Toothing for Nothing Timmy encounteres the tooth-fairy. However, Joey wants his own money. Leading to loose all of his tooth. Cockroaches E63
Granny's Night Timmy's Grandma visits her grandchild's home. What she wants is three dead roaches. Timmy E64
Timmy Van Winkle Timmy zaps the Freeze-inator to the cockroaches and remained freezed until the future has comed (thanks to a poodle) in the future where we see Timmy and Zack in old age, we see a huge chaotic fight never seen before! Unknown E65
The Switch Glitchers Timmy meets the evil (but dwarfed) Vicky the Babysiter who babysitted him when he was 10 years old. However, the cockroaches team up with her causing a great mayhem in his house Cockroaches E66
Cartoon Lesson Timmy enters the cartoon world and finds characters to teach them about cartoonss Timmy E67
The Missing Roach Kenny and Scaredy found out that Joey went missing and they search him where did he go. However, Joey is prisoned by Timmy and both try to free their brother. Timmy E68
Mayday! Timmy's cruise trip is ruined by cockroach Scaredy while Zack, Kenny and Joey are seasick. Both E69
Welcome to Manila! Timmy's trip to Manila, Philippines goes awry when the cockroaches, somehow, burn a ride. The chase begins in the Manila City Hall to Manila Bay. Timmy E70
Journey to the Otherside of the Earth Timmy falls of the cliff while chasing the roaches and digs himself to the other Dimmsdale. Meeting his other self and his faries. The cockroaches team up with Vicky to wreak havoc in the Turner's House Cockroaches E71
Bomb Keepers Timmy finds a nuclear bomb under his house and calls the police and army to dispatch the bomb. However, the cockroaches threatend to detonate it. Which may destroy Dimmsdale! Cockroaches E72
Loves and Kissers Timmy's Sister Sarah visits another day and Zack gets in love with her. The cockroaches plan to attack Zack's plans. But failed. Both E73
Outside in Joey and his brothers transforms themselves into a size the-same as Timmy and Timmy, along with Zack was shrunk down to a size of a cockroach and the giant roaches wreak havoc in their house. Timmy E74
Double Dribble Timmy and Zack are playing basketball. But the cockroaches try to wreak havoc in the tournament Cockroaches E75
Timmywood Timmy goes to Hollywood. But the cockroaches wreak havoc in the place. Leading to several award winning movies. Timmy E76
It's A Small, Small, Small World! Timmy shrinks himself down to a cockroach size to retrieve the key used to unlock the padlocked fridge stolen by the cockroaches. Cockroaches E77
Roachology Part 1: The Fun Beggining Second T&TC movie. Timmy makes a trilogy of parodies of movies with the cockroaches (e.g. Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings) See The Great Ending for the Happy Ending E78
Roachology Part 2: The Exciting Mid-Part Timmy encounteres the Darkness again and tries to destroy it. But the cockroaches befriends it and they wreak havoc in the universe See The Great Ending for the Happy Ending E79
Roachology Part 3: The Great Ending Timmy successfully destroys the Darkness. However, the cockroaches lead into a hot pursuit with the police and Timmy to wreak havoc in Dimmsdale Timmy E80

Season 2

Season 2 Is still in preproduction

Episode name/title Plot summary Happy Ending (Timmy or Cockroaches) Episode #
Millions of Cockroaches, Two Boys Scaredy, Kenny and Joey meet their brothers, sister, cousins, aunts, uncle, niece, parents, grandparents, ancestor and friends as they join to wreak havoc in Timmy house and both Zack and Timmy have to team up to destroy the roaches. Both E81
The Leftsider A mouse enters Timmy's household (Mostly for food and shelter). However, Timmy is scared of mice and the roaches aren't inviting him as a guest. Nobody E82
Flight Attendance Timmy and Zack both became pilots. Timmy drives the Dimmsdale Airlines Flight 13 and Zack drives American Airplane Flight 324. But two trios of cockroaches hijack both planes and wreak havoc in the airport. Cockroaches E83
Babies 101 Timmy turns into a baby after the cockroaches steal his newly bought Baby-inator and Zack takes care of him while he's a baby and tries to build a "Back to 32-inator". Both E84
Kung Ooohh! Timmy becomes a kung-fu fighter thanks to the cockroaches. But it just got worse when Ronald bullies Maggie (T&TC counterpart of Tootie). Cockroaches E85
See ya Later Escalator!

Timmy builds an escalator so that he doesn't get any danger climbing his stairs anymore. But the cockroaches pull the escalator lever up and down to add insult to injury to Timmy

Note: This episode is loosely based on the Season 1 episode, Going Up, Going Down.

Timmy E86
Maggie and the Cockroaches Timmy hires Maggie to guard the house. But it just got worse when the cockroaches play pranks on her. Tootie and Timmy E87
Road Trip Timmy, Maggie and Zack are going to New York again. But the cockroaches take the wheel and cause mayhem in Zack's built expressway from the episode "Me!". Both E88
Sister Day

The roaches are moving to Sarah's house. The sister of Timmy. As Sarah encounteres them, She calls Timmy to go to her and try to exterminate those three little pests.

Cockroaches E89
The Stairs of the House This episode features Timmy chasing the roaches with the stairs going under changes (e.g. straight stairs turning into a huge rollercoaster like staircase). Cockroaches E90
A Bird of All Omen A hunter with poor eyesight is hunting a turkey. But due to his poor glasses, The turkey looks like Timmy and Timmy vise-versa. In the ending, the hunter can now see both clearly. But now, he exchanged his mind from hunting turkeys into hunting cat-humans and chases Timmy as the cartoon ends.

The Hunter and the cockroaches

Cartoon Academy

After electrocuted while chasing the roaches, Timmy enters the cartoon world and wants to know about cartoons from a hunter and a rabbit (Looks like Elmer and Bugs)

Their teached plans failed on the cockroaches and instead, activates on Timmy!

Timmy E92
Deja Doo! Timmy builds a watch that has the ability to reverse time to avoid the roaches' naughty pranks. However, the roaches stole it and make some other plans Cockroaches E93
Everything Out of Shape! Timmy is playing some clay. Little does he know, the Timmy doll is accually a Yoo Doo doll (but modeled with clay) and the roaches turn Timmy into various shapes. Timmy E94
Something's Not Fishy Timmy turns into a mermaid and goes deep. But the roaches strike to make pranks. In the ending, Timmy sends the roaches to King Neptune's court and are guilty and they're imprisoned for 1 week. Timmy E95
A Switch Too Far! Timmy becomes the most popular person in the world (thanks to again, Cosmo and Wanda) But as he becomes the V.I.P. guest in a restuarant, the roaches try to ruin his singing. Cockroaches E96
Gone Fishin' ! Timmy and Zack go fishing. But the roaches always threaten to eat the bait and even try to lure a "Love fish" to Timmy and Zack to kiss them! Cockroaches E97
Welcome to Fairy World! Timmy goes to Fairy World with his godparents. But the roaches cause mayhem and interrupt their tour in this magical place. Cockroaches E98
Wanda's Day Ow! After Cosmo turned Wanda's hands into dust, Wanda goes to a day-off and let Cosmo do the wishing to Timmy. But the roaches go to Wanda and ruin her day-off. Wanda E99

The cockroaches' latest device to prank Cosmo, Timmy and Wanda is the mousetrap. In each scene, we mostly see Timmy and Zack not affected by the device. But for Wanda... caught in the hand!

All (excluding Wanda)

Chase in the Brain! Cockroach Joey wishes his brothers, Timmy and his faries would be sucked up into Timmy's brain. Things doesn't go right when the roaches ties Cosmo and Wanda up and trap Timmy with some figments in his mind. Cockroaches E101
Hic! Hic! Hiccup! When drinking coffee, he starts hiccuping. Things don't go smoothly when the roaches tie him up and be pummeled by a machine. After a long hiccup day, he starts sneezing before drinking coffee and the roaches take away his fridge the second time! Cockroaches E102
We Call it Maze! Timmy gets lost in a park after he tripped. But things don't go right when the roaches do something like stealing ice cream from a kid and people think Timmy did it but the roaches acually did it Timmy E103

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