This is the episode guide of Two Fairly OddBrothers!.

Season 0:

These episodes are called "prequel episodes", because there are showed for the first time the new main characters (Comet, Foop, Anti-Comet, Lucky, Crystal) and there is showed what happened in the Fairy World with the capture of the Fairies by the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies.

Episode title Plot summary Flashbacks Appearances
Two Fairly OddBrothers! (episode) Timmy is playing in the garden with Poof and Comet, while a 9 ball hits the tree. So Timmy remembers when he lost Cosmo and Wanda and how Poof has arrived to the Earth... The series' prologue; actually this flashback is three-quarters of the episode. First appearance of Comet; first appearance of Poof and Comet's human form
Fairy School Timmy wants that his school become a magic school. But professor Crocker has created a new fairy trap and he wants to capture Poof and Comet! Poof and Foop's first day at the Fairy and Anti-Fairy God College. First appearance of Foop, professor Crocker and Anti-Comet
Ice-Streams! It's a very hot day in Dimmsdale, so Timmy wants that the city dam is filled with ice cream. But the dam is too full and it threatens to overflow! / /
Another Gland Plan Poof has got problems with his fagiggily gland, and he needs a transplant. The only way is to get a donation from his closest biological known biological match, and the only other being with a fagiggly gland available is Foop... Various flashbacks from the "The Gland Plan" episode. First appearance of Foop and Anti-Comet's human form
For A Bet Poof makes a bet with Lucky: the Fairy who is better at realizing wishes will grant Comet as his partner. Timmy also makes a bet with Remy (who now is Lucky's Godbrother): the boy who makes the worst wish will lose his Godbrothers! The last scene of "The Big Bash", when Cosmo and Juandissimo escapes from Wanda. First appearance of Lucky; first appearance of Lucky's human form
Let's See What You Can Do! Timmy wishes a big car racing competition with his friends. But at the race are taking part also Vicky, Ricky, professor Crocker and Gary! / First appearance of Crystal; first appearance of Crystal's human form; first appearance of Vicky, Ricky and Gary

Season 1:

In the first season Timmy, Poof and Comet are searching for the Fairy Seals and the Black Marks, which are some special seals that locks the Fairies and Anti-Fairies' magical powers.
When the magical creatures came on the Earth, some seals and marks were accidentally putted on some humans, and have turned them into monsters! So our heroes are going to find the seals and the marks in order to unlock them and save the humans.

Episode title Plot summary Seals/Marks founded
The First Seal Cosmo and Wanda escape from Abracatraz and arrive on the Earth. Timmy, Poof and Comet find the first Fairy Seal and unlock it. Fairy Seal, on Trixie

|The Fountain Of Youth |Poof, Timmy, and Comet discover the Fountain of Youth; But Foop pushes Comet and Timmy into younger versions of themselfs. Then Foop destroys the Fountain by making an Earthquake so Timmy and Comet would remain children forever. But teh problem is Timmy and Comet are still aging backwards, Meaning they shall grow younger and younger until eventually the seize to exist! Can Poof get them back to normal in time? |The Fountain Of Youth

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