Series Name
Season 5, Episode 2
Written by User:CAPRAFILMS
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Manic Popular Day is the 2nd fanmade episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 5.


Wanda swaps Timmy Turner's and Trixie Tang's brains for a day in order to be with the popular kids. Then Trixie (in Timmy's body) has to stay with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof in his house.

Manic Popular Day


One day Timmy is on his way to see the popular kids when the sign comes and says NO UNPOPULAR KIDS ALLOWED. This makes Timmy angry. Then while and he and Trixie are on there way home from school Wanda decides to come up with a plan. She swaps Timmy and Trixie's brain for a day. Then Trixie feels very popular and Timmy feels unpopluar and stinks. So then Trixie goes to her house while Timmy is on his way home to do homework, and is stuck with the babysitter, Vicky. The next day at school Trixie is doing very good until Crocker gives her an F and says "That's not fair", while Crocker gives Timmy a C+, to wich Timmy replies "At least it's better than an F". At lunch Trixie bumps into Timmy and tell them what are they doing. Then Veronica grabs Trixie and takes her to the popluar room where she meets the popluar boys Tad and Chad. Timmy is all alone and Chester and A.J. have fun with him. Then after school Timmy tries to sing beautifully but his voice is terrible. Until Trixie comes and Wanda swaps them back. They are back to normal. Just as Veronica is about to kiss Timmy he spawns the babysitter Vicky, who kicks Veronica as she kisses Timmy.