Chester and Veronica in love

My Sweet Veronica is a song performed by Timmy, Remy, A.J., and Chester's band T.R.A.C., in which Chester expresses his love for Veronica.


Timmy, Remy, AJ: V-Veronica!
(repeated in background during Chester's lines)

Chester: Ohhh....
I don't know how I've lived without her!
I love her like no other!

I love her hair!
It's the same color as mine!
I love her stare!
She looks oh-so fine!
We were at the State Fair
When I asked her to be mine!


(Chester repeats "Ohhhh....." while Timmy Remy and AJ repeat "V-Veronica! V-V-V-V-Veronica!" until the song ends)

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