• Danny Phantom: Danny Fenton, Dani, Samantha Manson
  • Doug: Doug Funnie, Judy Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise


(Timmy Turner has joined)

(Danny Fenton has joined)

Timmy: Hey Danny.

Danny: Hey Timmy. How's it going?

Timmy: It's going great. Ever since I got over Trixie and started dating Tootie my life has been perfect.

Danny: Haha...I started dating Sam months ago.

Timmy: Cool. Random but cool.

(Judy Funnie has joined)

Judy: Hello weird people.

Danny: You're one to talk. ;)

Judy: Am I? Or have I already...spoken?

Timmy: (facepalm)

Danny: You're weird.

Judy: 9_9

(Dani has joined)

Dani: Hey guys!

Danny: Oh hey Dani.

Judy: Well I'd better be going. I have a play to rehearse for. See ya.

(Judy Funnie has left)

Timmy:......O...kay..... :/

Danny: (pats Dani on the head)

Dani: So.....How are you and Sam, Danny?

Danny: Fine. Can't say it's any of your beeswax though.

(Samantha Mason has joined)

(Tootie Ives has joined)


Sam: Hello, Dani. Nice to see you again after you sacrificed yourself to help us fight Vlad.

Dani: Why did Vlad create me anyway? -.-

Tootie: (hugs Timmy)

Timmy: (kisses Tootie)

(Doug Funnie has joined)

(Patti Mayonnaise has joined)

Sam: Aww how cute. You guys joined at the same time.

Patti: (giggles)

Doug: Hey Patti, guess what?

Patti: What is it, Doug?

Doug: (kisses Patti) I love you. :)

Patti: (blushes) I love you too Doug.

(Judy Funnie has joined)

Judy: Okay my fans, I have returned.

All except Judy:........

Judy: Whatever.

Doug: Judy...I'm just asking here, but were you born crazy?

Judy:........I'm not answering that. ;)

Sam: How can you SEE through those glasses?

Judy: No idea really.

Dani: XD

Sam: Hey Danny. <3

Danny: Hey Sam. <3

Patti: So...Anyone wanna play a game?

All: Yes!

Patti: Okay, I'm gonna say something backwards. What you have to do is guess what I said. If you get it right, then it's your turn.

Doug: Okay.

Patti: .taht lla era s09 ehT

Dani: Uh...."The 90s are all that."?

Patti: Correct.

Dani: Okay, um.....eitooT sevol ymmiT.

Sam: "Timmy loves Tootie".

Patti: Hahaha This is fun.

Sam: Yep.

Timmy: I'm bored now.

(Veronica Star has joined)

Chester: (hugs Veronica)

Tootie: Okay, so...Truth or Dare time. Patty, truth or dare?

Patti: It's PATTI, with an "I", and dare.

Tootie: Okay, I dare you to kiss Doug.

Patti: It's not a dare if the person WANTS to do it but okay. (kisses Doug)

Doug: (sighs happily and faints)

Patti: Okay....Sam, truth or dare?

Sam:......Truth, I guess.

Patti: Do you like Danny Fenton? :)

Sam: (blushes) Of COURSE I do.

Danny: :)

Sam: Okay....Judy, Truth or Dare?

Judy: Dare.

Sam: Okay...I dare you to...Uh.....Oh I know. I dare you to kiss Timmy.

Tootie: (spit-take)

Judy: Uh....Okay. (bends down and kisses Timmy's cheek)

Timmy: =_=

Tootie: Hahaha...:P

Patti: Okay I'm bored now.

Doug: What should we do?

Timmy: Veronica hasn't spoken.

Veronica: Huh? Oh I forgot I joined.

Judy: Okay, Veronica Truth or Dare?

Veronica: Dare.

Judy: Okay...Hmm...I dare you to...

Veronica: To...?

Judy: CORRECTLY state everyone here's catchphrase.

Veronica: I'm gonna say it in the order the person joined. Hmm..."What could POSSIBLY go wrong?", "Going ghost!", "I'm an ACTRESS!", "(high-pitched voice) Going ghost!", "(sighs) Whatever", "Don't push my buttons and I won't push YOURS", "Dear Journal...", "Gosh.", "I'm Trixie!".

Chester: You didn't say MY catchphrase.

Veronica: You don't have one, sweetie.

(Everyone logs out)

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