• Rocket Power: Twister Rodriguez, Reggie Rocket
  • As Told by Ginger: Ginger Foutley
  • Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner
  • Planet Sheen: Sheen Estevez


(Ginger Foutley has joined)

Twister: Finally you're here.

Reggie: We were waiting patiently.

Timmy: Hey Ginger.

Ginger: Sorry you guys. CARL unplugged my laptop and stole it. I had to find it...

Timmy: Carl Wheezer?

Ginger: No. My brother Carl.

Reggie: So...many...Carls.

Twister: XD

Reggie: Reminds me of the time Rocket Boy got us grounded by Dad for pulling some STUPID shark prank. -.-

Timmy: How does it remind you of that?

Reggie: Because it reminds me of the fact that there are alot of Nickelodeon Sams too.

Ginger: There are only TWO Carls. There are like three Sams.

Twister: You mean four.

(Sheen Estevez has joined)

Timmy: Hey Sheen.

Sheen: Hey guys. Listen, if you see Aseefa, can you tell her I love her?

(Sheen Estevez has left)

Timmy: Oh I'm SO telling Libby. >_<

(Timmy Turner has left)

(Ginger Foutley is Away. Message: "CARL!")

Twister: Guess it's just us.

Reggie: Yeah.

(They lean in to kiss)

(Ginger Foutley is no longer Away)

Ginger: (sees Twister and Reggie kissing) Aww how cute.

(Ginger Foutley has left)

(Twister Rodriguez has left)

(Reggie Rocket has left)

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