• All That: Ashley
  • Doug: Doug Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise, Beebe Bluff
  • Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner
  • Mighty B!: Bessie Higgenbottoms


(Doug Funnie has joined)

(Patti Mayonnaise has joined)

Ashley: What TOOK you stinkin' lovebirds so long?

Patti: Whatever. -.-

Timmy: So Doug, I heard The 90s Are All That finished your show so now they're restarting it.

Doug: Yeah. But technically they didn't REALLY show the last episode. Our show was taken up by Disney after Nickelodeon aired that episode and THEY aired our REAL last episode.

Ashley: True.

Patti: Oh hey, get this. Apparently, the Disney version of our show had an episode called "Beebe Goes Broke".

Timmy: Sounds like the "Hey Arnold" episode "Rhonda Goes Broke" to me.

(Beebe Bluff has joined)

Beebe: Hey guys.

Patti: Oh hey Beebe.

Beebe: So...I just found out about this episode called "Beebe Goes Broke'...What the heck? Is Disney TRYING to steal from Nickelodeon?

Timmy: Well...You WERE the inspiration for Rhonda. And who knows? Maybe Disney really aired that episode first.....

Beebe: Right...I just have another question. What's "broke"?





(Ashley has quit)

(Bessie Higgenbottoms has joined)

Bessie: Hey guys.

Beebe: Oh hey Bessie.

Timmy: So....Now what?

Patti: I wrote a song with Skeeter once. TThough he wasn't much help. >_> Look:

Beebe: Cool. But why were YOU writing a song with MY boyfriend?

Patti: "Boyfriend"?

Timmy: You didn't know this?

Patti: No.

Doug: D'oh! I KNEW there was something Skeet wanted me to tell you, Patti.

Patti: :P

Beebe: Also I cut my bangs. It makes me look cuter I think.

Timmy: I don't see it.


(Beebe Bluff has left)

(Timmy Turner has left)

(Patti Mayonnaise has left)

Bessie: They all left. Why?

Doug: I dunno.

(Bessie Higgenbottom has left)

(Doug Funnie has left)

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