• Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner
  • Hey Arnold!: Arnold Shortman, Rhonda Lloyd


(Timmy Turner has joined)

Arnold: Oh hey Timmy. Helga was here earlier, so I was talking to her.

Timmy: Cool.

(Rhonda Lloyd has joined)

Rhonda: Hello.

Timmy: Hey Rhonda.

Rhonda: So...What was last week's UPick With Stick?

Arnold: Three "Are You Afraid of the Dark" episodes and the "Salute Your Shorts" Halloween special.

Rhonda: Not ours?

Arnold: No.

Rhonda: Boo. :( Well they were good episodes at least. :)

Timmy: Is it just me or is The 90s Are All That trying to AVOID airing your show again?

Arnold: Seems that way to me. >_>

Rhonda: Oh and by the way you guys are ALL invited to my Halloween party. ;)

Timmy: Cool. :)

(Arnold Shortman is Away. Message: "Ever notice how the only character whose appearance changed is Rhonda? She went from being pale white to having tan skin.")

Rhonda: It's not tan. It's dark tan. LOL Besides...I had WAY too much make-up on when we were filming Season 1.

Timmy: So true.

(Everyone gets disconnected)

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