• Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner
  • Animaniacs: Dot Warner, Yakko Warner
  • The Mighty B!: Bessie Higgenbottom
  • Hey Arnold!: Arnie Shortman, Brainy, Lila Sawyer, Arnold Shortman
  • Doug: Judy Funnie


(Dot Warner has joined)

Dot: Hello guys.

Timmy: Dot? But you're Warner Bros., not Nickelodeon.

Dot: Technically I am.

Timmy: Oh right. Nickelodeon STOLE your show.

(Bessie Higgenbottom has joined)

Dot: Hellooooooo Bessie.

Bessie: Hey guys.

(Arnie Shortman has joined)

Arnie: If Brainy comes on, tell him to wait for me.

Timmy: Okay...But why?

Arnie: Cuz...Just do it.

Timmy: Okay, okay. Ghal!

(Arnie Shortman has left)

(Yakko Warner has joined)

Yakko: Hey everybody.

Timmy: Oh hey Yakko.

(Brainy has joined)

(Arnie Shortman has joined)

Arnie: Oh good Brainy, you're here.

Brainy: Yeah?

Arnie: Look...I don't hate you anymore okay?

Brainy: Uh.....Okay...

Yakko: Honestly I think the hardest of my songs to sing along to is Nations of the World.

Dot: It really is.

(Lila Sawyer has joined)

Lila: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Arnie: Hey Lila.

Lila: Oh hey Arnie. ;)

(Judy Funnie has joined)

Judy: Hello my fans!

Timmy: What fans? Kyle isn't here.

Judy: >:P

Timmy: I sure wish Tootie was here though.

(Arnie Shortman has left)

(Lila Sawyer has left)

Brainy: Where are...They...Going?

Timmy: On a date maybe. Which reminds me, Tootie's coming over tonight so I have to cook the Thanksgiving dinner like I do every year.

Judy: Why?

Timmy: Cuz my parents are jerks. -.-

(Timmy Turner has left)

(Yakko Warner has left)

(Dot Warner has left)

(Judy Funnie has left)

(Brainy has left)

(Bessie Higgenbottom has left)

(Arnold Shortman has joined)

Arnold: Aww darn it. Everyone left.

(Arnold Shortman has left)

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