• My Life as a Teenage Robot: Jenny Wakeman, Melody, Brad Carbunkle, Sheldon Lee
  • Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner
  • Animaniacs: Dot Warner
  • KaBLAM: June


(Jenny Wakeman has joined)

Timmy: What took you so long Jen?

Jenny: I couldn't get in for like 10 minutes! Give me a break!

Sheldon: At least you're here.

Jenny: Hehehe...Yeah I guess.

Brad: Sooo....

Melody: Well. I say we all play a game.

Jenny: Okay, I'm interested.

Melody: It's called "Guess the Flavor". I'm going to give you all different flaors of ice cream. Now...Each of you has to say what flavor you're eating.

Jenny: Alright....

(Melody hands out the ice cream, and makes everyone wear blindfolds)

Jenny: Vanilla.

Melody: Yes.

Brad: Is it...Chocolate?

Melody: No.

Brad: Strawberry?

Melody: Yes.

Timmy: Hey! Mine is strawberry too! :D

Sheldon: Mine tastes like marshmallow.

(A few moments afterwards)

Timmy: Well that was fun.

(Dot Warner has joined)

Dot: HI! :D

Timmy: Oh hey Dot.

Sheldon: Hello Dot.

Jenny: You are so CUTE! ^_^

Dot: Yes yes I am.

Timmy: And yet you're single.

(an anvil falls on Timmy)

Dot: (giggles innocently)

Timmy: I'm okay....

(June has joined)

June: Hey guys.

Timmy: Oh hey June.

Jenny: Hey all of you! Guess what?

Timmy: What?

Jenny: Umm...I forgot. XD

(Everyone laughs, then they leave except Jenny and Brad)

Brad: Well this is...awkward.

Jenny: Yeah.

Brad: You really like Sheldon, huh?

Jenny: Yeah. I learned it's what's on the inside that really counts.

(Jenny Wakeman has left)

(Brad Carbunkle has left)

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