• Hey Arnold: Lila Sawyer, Arnold Shortman, Helga Pataki, Brainy
  • Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner
  • Jimmy Neutron: Sheen Estevez


(Lila Sawyer has joined)

Lila:....YAY! I got here first! :)

(Arnold Shortman has joined)

Arnold: Oh hello Lila. Have you seen Helga?

Lila: No. :(

Arnold: Oh. (sighs) Oh well...

Lila: Don't be sad. I'm ever so sure she'll come to you if you just wait.

Arnold: XD Okay.

(Helga Pataki has joined)

Helga: Criminy! I FINALLY got on.

Lila: What happened, Helga?

Arnold: Hehe...I just noticed we all joined in the order we're listed.

Lila: XD

Helga: Riiight...So anyway this computer's a piece of crud.

Arnold: Why's that, sweet?

Helga: First of all stop with the cute cheesy nicknames. Second, it wouldn't let me in this chatroom for 12 STINKIN MINUTES!

Lila: Oh?

Helga: Yes.

{Sheen Estevez and Timmy Tiberius Turner have entered)

Sheen: Hey footballs! (throws each one like a football)


Arnold, Helga and Lila: GET OUT!!!!!!!

(Sheen Estevez and Timmy Turner have left)

Arnold: Criminy. 9_9

Helga: Hey that's MY line.

Arnold: Haha...(kisses Helga)

Lila: You two are ever-so cute together.

(Timmy Turner has joined)

Timmy: Hey guys...Look I'm sorry for what Sheen and I did earlier.

Arnold: You SHOULD be. You made fun of my football-shaped head. -.-

Timmy: It was SHEEN'S idea. :/

Arnold: Haha...He's just jealous cuz "Hey Arnold" is awesome.

Timmy: Hahahaha...

(Brainy has joined)

Helga: Criminy! BRAINY'S here now? >.<

(Helga Pataki has left)

Arnold: Helga...

(Arnold Shortman has left)

Lila: Oh my...I guess it's just you and me, Brainy.

Timmy: And me. -_-

Brainy: I...Thought...You...Liked...Arnie...Lila.

Lila: Hm? Who said THAT?

Brainy: You...Did.

Lila: You don't have to TYPE the way you TALK, Brainy. -_-'

Brainy: Oh...Really?

Lila: You did it again. -.-

(Timmy Turner is Away. Message: I DON'T HAVE FAIRIES!)

Lila:....He SO does. ;)

Brainy: I...Think...That's...The Joke....

Lila: Riight...Well back to the subject. Arnie doesn't even have to know about this anyway...(kisses Brainy)

Brainy: Hehehe....

(Brainy has left)

(Timmy Turner is no longer Away)

Timmy: What did I miss?

Lila: Oh nothing.

(Timmy Turner has left)

(Lila Sawyer has left)

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