• Danny Phantom: Samantha Manson
  • Mighty B!: Portia Gibbons
  • Fairly OddParents: Tootie Ives
  • Hey Arnold!: Lila Sawyer


(Tootie Ives has joined)

(Portia Gibbons has joined)

Portia: Ugh...Messie is like SO annoying. -.-

Tootie: Bessie? Why?

Portia: She's too...NICE. She's kinda like YOU.

Tootie: Yet YOU'RE the one voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Portia: Am I? We sound nothing alike. :/

(Sam Mason has joined)

Sam: Hey girls.

Tootie: Hard to believe all three of us...AND my sister...AND Azula...AND Chad...Are Grey DeLisle, to tell the truth.

Sam: That girl's got range.

Tootie: Oh and Veronica.

Sam: Okay we get it. XD

Portia: So.....Who has a topic?

Sam: I think that WAS our topic.

Tootie: XD

Portia: Whatever. 9_9

Tootie: Hey...Let's talk about how many of our Nickelodeon friends are basically Tara Strong.

Portia: Well...Your boyfriend for one thing.

Sam: I think Ember and Spectra are also her. Hmm...Isn't Poof also her?

Tootie: Yes. And Tad.

Sam: Kitty Katswell.

Tootie: No that's Grey again.

Portia: What about Dil? I think he'd be REALLY mad if we didn't mention HIM.

Sam: Yeah. And he'd probably do something weird and creepy to us. :/

Tootie: Yeah I bet he would.

Portia: Isn't Eggy also voiced by Tara Strong?

(Lila Sawyer has joined)

Portia: Oh hey Lila.

Lila: Hey.

Tootie: So Lila, what do you think about Rhonda? Do you think she actually DOES like Curly?

Lila: I'm ever-so certain. She treats him the way Helga treats Arnold, and THEY became a couple.

Tootie: Hahaha. :P

Portia: Hey...Sam hasn't spoken after the last thing she said.

Sam: Sorry. I was away and forgotto mark myself as away.

Tootie: Another date with Danny?

Sam: Yep. :)

(Portia Gibbons has left)

Tootie: Bye Portia. :/

Lila: I guess the Honeybee scouts are having another meeting.

Sam: Haha yeah.

Tootie: She could've at least SAID she was leaving.

Lila: Yes. That was ever-so rude.

Sam: Then again she's not the nice one.

Tootie: XD

Lila: I'm ever-so sorry, but I have to go now.

Tootie: Okay. But why?

Lila: I'm going on my first date with Arnie. ;)

(Lila Sawyer has left)

Sam: Arnie? Arnold's weird cousin?

Tootie: Yep.

Sam:.....So, guess it's just us.

Tootie: Yeah. :/

Sam: Someone's knocking on my door.

Tootie: So go answer it. I'll wait.

(Samantha Mason is Away. Message: "'Ooky-Spooky Bat Girl'? Really, Mr. Fenton?")


(Samantha Mason is no longer Away)

Tootie: Who was it?

Sam: It was Danny. He said he was going to buy me a gift since it's been two months since we started dating. I didn't even get HIM anything! O.O

Tootie: Don't worry about it. Anything from you would be awesome.

Sam: I'm not worried but thanks. ;)

Tootie: You know...I just realized Nickelodeon likes the name "Sam".

Sam: There are OTHER Nicktoon "Sam"s?

Tootie: Yeah. Sam Dullard from "Rocket Power" and Sam from "Clarissa Explains it All".

Sam: Haha....

Tootie: Oh and Sam Puckett.

Sam: XD

(Tootie Ives has left)

(Samantha Mason has left)

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