• Hey Arnold!: Arnie, Brainy, Phoebe Heyerdahl, Lila Sawyer
  • All That!: Ashley
  • Fairly OddParents: Tootie Ives, Timmy Turner


(Timmy Turner has joined)

(Ashley has joined)

Ashley: Oh hey Timmy.

Timmy: Hey. Listen...I saw you read my letter on your show and...

Ashley: I know I know I was too stinkin harsh. Why don't you tell someone who STINKIN CARES YA STINKIN TWERP?!

Timmy: O.O

Ashley: Sorry.

Timmy: Anyway I was gonna say I took your advice and found someone better.

Ashley: Good for you.

(Arnie has joined)

Arnie: I really hate Brainy right now.

Timmy: Oh? Why?

Arnie: I saw him looking at Lila during our date. And he had the NERVE to blow her a kiss.

(Tootie Ives has joined)

(Phoebe Heyerdahl has joined)

Phoebe: Greetings Earthlings. Hehehe...

Ashley: A subtle reference to the idiots who honestly think you're an alien. I like it.

Phoebe:...Actually I am, Ashley.


(Ashley has left)

Phoebe: The news was too much for her.

Tootie: I guess.

Arnie: If Brainy comes on here, and I'm not on, tell him he's dead to me.

Tootie: What did he do?

Arnie: Did Lila tell you we had our first date yesterday?

Tootie: Yes. That did come up.

Arnie: Well guess who couldn't help but give MY WOMAN "the stare".

Phoebe: Yep. Brainy tends to do that.

(Timmy Turner is Away. Message: "*enter message here* Haha. ;)")

Phoebe: Hmm.

Arnie: Just remember what I said.

Tootie: Okay.

(Brainy has joined)

Arnie: Grr......

Brainy: Hello...Arnie.

Arnie: Shut up, Woman-Stealer.

Brainy: Huh?

Arnie: I saw the way you were looking at Lila. And I also saw Lila kissing you in here.

Brainy: But...How?

Arnie: I joined as a hidden guest by clicking "Watch Only".

Brainy: Oh.

Phoebe: People please don't fight.

Tootie: Yeah. Please don't fight. :(

(Arnie has left)

(Brainy has left)

(Lila Sawyer has joined)

Lila: Was Arnie here?

Tootie: Yes yes he was.

(Timmy Turner is no longer Away)

Timmy: I go away to buy Tootie a present and I see I missed a lot of drama. Figures.

Phoebe: Oh you didn't miss much actually.

Lila: Just Arnie and Brainy being stupid and arguing.

(Arnie has joined)

Arnie: Lila..You love ME right?

Lila: Of course. I love you ever so much....

Phoebe: 9_9

Tootie: So what did you buy me anyway?

Timmy: Come over and I'll show you. ;)

(Timmy Turner has left)

(Tootie Ives has left)

Phoebe: Eh.....Okay. :/

Lila: Timmy is ever-so sweet to Tootie.

Arnie: Yeah. (kisses Lila)

Phoebe: Oh hey guess what? Our show is on the 90s Are All That block.

Lila: They better air the episodes with ME in them. ;)

Phoebe: XD

Arnie: Maybe they will.

(Phoebe Heyerdahl has left)

(Lila Sawyer has left)

(Arnie has left)

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