• Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner, Tootie Ives
  • Hey Arnold!: Arnold Shortman, Helga Pataki, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Curly Gamelthorpede
  • Doug: Judy Funnie


(Timmy Turner has joined)

(Arnold Shortman has joined)

Timmy: Hey Arnold. :)

Arnold: LOL Hey Timmy.

Timmy: How's it been going with you and Helga?

Arnold: Well I just found out Helga APPARENTLY is allergic to bees.

(Helga Pataki has joined)

Arnold: Hey Helga. :)

Helga: Where were you yesterday?

Arnold: Oh right....I was at Mrs. Vitello's flower shop trying to find the perfect flowers to give you, my queen. :)

Helga: Again with the cheesiness. You're such a dweeb.

Arnold: Yeah but I'm YOUR dweeb. :)

Timmy: XD

(Tootie Ives has joined)

Tootie: Hey Timmy.

Timmy: TOOTIE! :D

Arnold: (sigh) Who could POSSIBLY be knocking on my door at THIS time of night?

(Arnold Shortman is Away. Message: "You want my pencil?!")

Helga: There's a reference in there somewhere....

Timmy: Yeah.

(Arnold Shortman is no longer Away)

Helga: Who was it?

Arnold: It wasn't ANYONE. Or whoever it WAS just ran away or something.

Tootie: Hm. Vicky told me she did that once. :/

Timmy: (kisses Tootie)

Arnold: (sighs)

Timmy: Okay......

(Timmy Turner has left)

Tootie: Hey where's HE going? :/

Arnold: No idea.

Helga: (kisses Arnold)

Arnold: :D

Tootie: Someone's knocking on my door.

Arnold: Oh?

Helga: Answer it. It's probably Timmy.

(Tootie Ives is Away. Message: "Don't push my buttons and I won't push yours.")

Arnold: So it's just you and me now, my princess. ;)

Helga: You go cheesy on me one more time, I'll...

Arnold: Oh you love it Helga.

Helga: Oh...You're so right, Arnold.

(Tootie Ives is no longer Away)

Tootie: It was Trixie.

Helga: That witch? What did SHE want?

Tootie: She wanted to tell me that Timmy didn't really leave. He got disconnected and someone kidnapped him! O.O

Helga: O.o

Arnold: That's horrible! :O

Tootie: Don't sweat it...I'm gonna go save him.

(Tootie Ives has left)

Arnold: Well....I hope Timmy's okay.

(Rhonda Lloyd has joined)

Rhonda: Hi all.

Helga: Oh great. It's Rhondaloid.

Rhonda: Ugh...Why do you hate me Helga? :/

Arnold: I doubt he hates you at all. She just doesn't like how shallow you are. :P

Rhonda: Wha--? I'm not shallow.

(Tootie Ives has returned)

Arnold: Did you get Timmy?

Tootie: Yep. I had to fight 20 ninjas to save him.

Rhonda: 20 ninjas? XD Why do I not believe you?

Tootie: Because you're stupid. :P

Rhonda: Oh...You! >.<

(Rhonda Lloyd has left)

(Timmy Turner has joined)

Tootie: Hey Timmy.

Timmy: I just came on to thank you again for saving me from those ninjas.

Tootie: You're welcome. XD

(Timmy Turner has left)

(Tootie Ives has left)

(Rhonda Lloyd has joined)

Rhonda:....She was right, wasn't she?

Arnold: Yep.

Helga: You got it Princess.

Arnold:....Rhonda, are you Bi?

Helga: XD Wow where'd THAT come from?

Rhonda: Wha--NO! Why'd you ask me that?

Arnold: Just curious.

Helga: Wow Football Head what even made you consider asking that?

Arnold: I dunno the question just popped in my head.

Rhonda: Well I'm NOT!

Arnold: XD

Helga: Sure Princess. Sure.

Rhonda: I'm NOT!

(Judy Funnie has joined)

(Curly Gamethorpede has joined)

Curly: Hello my pet. :)

Rhonda:...You BETTER be talking about me.

Curly: Of COURSE I am.

Judy: I haven't been on in a while. Wow....

Arnold: And no one missed you. Haha.

Judy: Whatever.

Rhonda: I can't tell. Are YOU the reference to me or is BEBE the reference?

Judy: Who knows. I think Bebe though...She's closer to your age.

Rhonda: But YOU dress like me.

Judy: True.

Arnold: I'm bored.

Curly: (kisses Rhonda)

Rhonda: Hehe...

Helga: So adorable.

Judy: 9_9

(Arnold Shortman has left)

(Helga Pataki has left)

(Judy Funnie has left)

Rhonda: Guess it's just you and me, Curly.

Curly: Yeah.

Rhonda: Well...I guess I can tell you now that I--I---I love you SO MUCH! (kisses Curly)

Curly: Your secret's safe with me my pet. :)

(Curly Gamelthorpede has left)

Rhonda:.....I feel so much better....

(Rhonda Lloyd has left)

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