• Hey Arnold!: Arnie, Arnold Shortman, Helga Pataki
  • Fairly OddParents: Tootie Ives
  • Doug: Doug Funnie


(Tootie Ives has joined)

(Arnie has joined)

Tootie: Ah, Arnie. Good. I wanted to talk to you.

Arnie: Why?

Tootie: You and Brainy have to stop your ridiculous rivalry. If this keeps up...Well, something bad might happen.

Arnie: Like...?

Tootie: -_-

(Arnold Shortman has joined)

Arnie: Hey cousin.

Arnold: 9_9

(Helga Pataki has joined)

Helga: Is anyone here going to watch this week's 90s Are All That block? I heard they're putting back "Doug" and "Clarissa Explains It All".

Arnold: Yeah. Our show had a good run on it, but I guess they're returning to the classics.

Helga: Yep.

Arnold: So anyway, I didn't see you in school today, my twisted angel. ;)

Helga: Blame Miriam.

Tootie: What did she do?

Helga: She walked into my room and smashed my stinkin alarm clock! >.<

Arnold: Wow....

Helga: I swear Arnold, she's an alcoholic.

Arnold: Yep.

Tootie: Wow. Must be tough having an alcoholic mother.

Helga: Yes. Yes it is.


Tootie: Oh right...Arnie, I'm just saying--

(Arnie has left)

Helga: Great. Bowlhead left.

Arnold: Yeah.

(Doug Funnie has joined)

Doug: Hey guys.

Arnold: Oh hello Doug.

Helga: "Twisted angel"...You know that was actually your best nickname yet Arnoldo.

Arnold: :D (kisses Helga)

Tootie: I think someone's at the door.

Helga: So go answer it.

(Tootie Ives is Away. Message: "Why the deep voice? Whenever Poof talked in the show, he sounded EXACTLY as Timmy sounds.")

Helga:....So true.

Arnold: Doug hasn't spoken since he joined.

(Everyone is randomly disconnected)

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