• Mighty B!: Portia Gibbons, Bessie Higgenbottom
  • Fairly OddParents: Tootie Ives
  • Hey Arnold!: Rhonda Lloyd


(Tootie Ives has joined)

Portia: Took you long enough.

Bessie: Hey Tootie! :)

Tootie: I was on a date with Timmy.

Bessie: Sweet. At least ONE of us has a boyfriend.

Tootie: I feel bad for you Bessie.

Portia: And me?

Tootie: No. ;)

Portia: Grr.

(Portia Gibbons has left)

(Rhonda Lloyd has joined)

Rhonda: Hello. ;)

(Bessie Higgenbottom has left)

Rhonda: She left. :(

Tootie: Probably had to go to a meeting.

Rhonda: Ah.

Tootie: So...Whatcha doin?

Rhonda: Being fabulous.

Tootie: Cool.

(Tootie Ives has left)

(Rhonda Lloyd has left)

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