It was sang in Schools Out: The Musical 2.


Anti-Cosmo: Oh what beautiful weapons They are so violent and I see My son will use them And the dead will rise again Anti-Wanda: Evil is more fun Than the summer sun

Foop: The magic Is tragic For the universe

(on earth) Cosmo: Summers Coming

Wanda: Anti-Fairies are running

Timmy: They'll be no sun

Anti-Cosmo:Evil is more fun

Kirby Quest: The Movie

King Dedede: Oh what beauiful weapons, each one is to see.

Now the one big question is which one will I pick for me?

How about this one (pointing to the box of missiles) there is lots of them

or maybe this gun with a wonderful dem.

It's hard to pick so I'll do it quick.

This canon is good and these bombs are too.

And this one... well I love it to the fuse.

Come on Dedede! Choose one weapon and get that pesky puffball for cring out loud!

Enney, Mieey, Miney, Moe. I pick you now let's go!