Timmy and Tootie get hit with Crocker's "Opposite Ray", and thus begin to act differently than they normally would.




  • When Opposite Timmy says "Look, I don't care about you or your train-wreck teeth.", after he leaves Chester says to AJ, "AJ we have a problem.", referencing the famous phrase.


  • Mark Chang has a picture cameo on Timmy's wall.
  • When Opposite Tootie tells Opposite Timmy she doesn't like him, a quieter version of La La La Love!'s instrumental is heard


  • Opposite Timmy's eyes are sometimes blue instead of red.
  • When Crocker fires the Opposite Ray, it's green. But when Chester puts it in reverse and fires it at Opposite Timmy and Tootie, it's a red blast. Though it could be that when in reverse, the blast is red.

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