Out In The Cosmo's, a Fairly OddStarfish (TV Series) episode
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date  March 1, 2009
Written by User:Mractivity
Directed by Stephen Hillenburg, Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
SuperSponge Away!
 Past The Second



  • Sandy
  • Timmy
  • Cosmo
  • Wanda
  • Poof
  • Patrick
  • Spongebob 


Cosmo chokes on a cookie and Sandy tries to get it out with a submarine that can turn microscopic and go into him, But Timmy and SpongeBob foolishly does it instead.


  • Timmy: Oh no. Cosmo's choking.
  • Spongebob: Oh no. What do we do.

(Sandy walks up)

  • Sandy: Hey guys.
  • All: Sandy!
  • Sandy: What seems to be the problem.
  • Timmy: Cosmo was eating a cookie and he choked.
  • Sandy: Oh dear that's terrible.

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