Scene I: Outside the Pineapple

Narrator: Aaahhh... a wonderful day!

(disco music plays)

Scene II: Inside Pineapple

SpongeBob: Party my pants down!

How are you doing Patrick?

Patrick: Chips.

(eats some chips and drops the rest on the floor)

SpongeBob: Timmy?

Timmy: I wish I had soda!

Wanda: Okay!

Cosmo: You've got it!

Timmy: Soda anyone?

Patrick: Me!

Timmy: There you go!

(drinks soda and spills it)

Patrick: Thanks!

Timmy: I'm coming SpongeBob! (walks over to SpongeBob but trips over slippery soda) Ouchie.

SpongeBob: Why in the world did you trip?

Timmy: I don't know.

SpongeBob: Well, I'll check! (licks floor) Soda.

Timmy: I wish SpongeBob had a sod---

SpongeBob: No! Not that. You tripped over the slippery soda!

Cosmo: Wow. I didn't know that things can be slippery over summer!

Poof: Poof

Gary: Meow

(Gary slithers away)

SpongeBob: Let's clean up!

(Cosmo, Poof, Wanda, Patrick and SpongeBob run to the closet)

Timmy: (still on the floor) Guys? Can you pick me up here?

Scene III: In the Kitchen

SpongeBob: (cleans up with broom) Sweepy, sweepy!

Timmy: (cleaning up as well) Dusty, busty!

(both laughs)

Scene VI: The Closet

Patrick: Mmm.... let me see. Should I wash with Wonker Donker's Toilet Supplies? Or Dabreeze Air Freshener?

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo....

Scene V: The Kitchen

Timmy: Hey, we're almost done!

SpongeBob: Do you know what that means?

Patrick: (running towards Timmy and SpongeBob) Dabreeze Air Freshener!

Timmy and SpongeBob: NO!

(Patrick sprays Dabreeze Air Freshener)

(Pineapple melts)

SpongeBob: Patrick! What was that for?

Patrick: I freshened up the pineapple.

Timmy: And ruined it. Now we have to build it and clean it!

SpongeBob: Besides, I never really use that anyways.

Cosmo: Go Patrick! It's smelling like raspberry tropical breeze now!

Wanda: No! Don't use it anymore!

Patrick: I'm with the green one.

Cosmo: Whoo-hoo! One for me, none for you, I'm on fire!

(Pineapple goes on fire)

Cosmo: Ouch! Literally.

Scene VI: The Living Room

SpongeBob: Are we ready to clean up?

Timmy: I hid the Dabreeze somewhere Patrick could never find it!

SpongeBob: Good, now we start!

Scene VII: The Bathroom

Patrick: Dabreeze? Where are you?

(Dabreeze Air Freshener falls from top of the shelf)

Patrick: (grabs Dabreeze) Yippee!

Scene IX: The Living Room

SpongeBob: So Timmy, how was your week---what in the world?

Patrick: (runs into living room with Dabreeze Air Freshener!) Dabreeeeezzzeeee!!!!!

SpongeBob and Timmy: NO!

(Patrick sprays Dabreeze)

(Pineapple melts)

Timmy: Hey, didn't you already mess it up once?

Patrick: Uh....I don't think so.

SpongeBob: No offense but, get away from house today, you've done enough damage!

Patrick: Okay.

(Patrick walks to his house sadly)

Scene X: Patrick's Rock

Patrick: (sits in his chair) Dabreeze...

(Patrick starts crying)

(Cosmo poofs up)

Cosmo: Aw, are you okay?

Patrick: Yeah.

Cosmo: Good. Sorry for encouraging you to mess the house up, it's my fault. I do alot of goofing. One time, Wanda told me to go to bed, but instead I went to my super ultra disco party room in the goldfish bowl. It's huge.

Patrick: Yeah.

Cosmo: Let me give you something to hug and make you feel better.

(Cosmo poofs up Poof)

Poof: Poof, poof!

Patrick: Aw, can I hold him?

Cosmo: Sure.

(Poof poofs himself into Patrick's arms)

Patrick: How cute.

Cosmo: Mmm-hmm.

Poof: Poof, poof.

Cosmo: Feeling better?

Patrick: Totally.

Cosmo: Want to go outside?

Patrick: Sure.

Scene XI: SpongeBob's Yard

SpongeBob: Here to ruin my day?

Patrick: Nope, besides, this will make you better.

(Patrick hands Poof to SpongeBob)

Patrick: Better?

SpongeBob: Yep

Patrick: Do you want to party?

(screen fades on Patrick)


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