Poof's goof






Mr Crocker

Mr Turner

Mrs Turner (cameo)


Dinkleburgs (Do not speak)

Big Leperchaun


Poof is helping Timmy make a cake for a suprise! Poof sees the cake come out and eats it Pac-Man style. Timmy tells Poof to go Someplace else! Poof sees Wanda mixing batter and Poof Licks all of it! Wanda throws him to Cosmo who is watching a cartoon! Poof smashes the Tv! Cosmo Kicks Poof out the Window! Poof Crys and packs his stuff and leaves and a storm smashes the Dinkleburgs house and money. Timmy's Dad cheers! Poof stops crying and runs away! Meanwhile Crocker Builds a Fairy-Grabber 3000! He finds a near fairy (Poof) and catches him! Poof Says: Yahhh! Poof! Poof! and is captured! Crocker goes to the Crocker Cave and plans to show the world the baby fairy! Later Timmy and Cosmo look for Poof and realise he's gone! Wanda hears a buzzing sound in her earrings and finds out Crocker has Poof! Cosmo looks in Poof's School and the lunch room while Wanda looks in The School and so does Timmy! Timmy sees something in a corner then Tootie jumps out and chases Timmy! Meanwhile Poof is in a butterfly net and crys out loud! Then Crocker stuffs a cork in his mouth and says: Stop that hiddious noise you silly willy baby! and he sits down and starts his plans. then suddenly a leperchaun barges through the wall and sees Poof thinking he's a pumpkin and ties a rope around him takes his wand and puts him in a pot! Then Wanda runs in with Timmy ( covered in lipstick) and they both fight the Leperchaun. Timmy jumps up in the air and kicks the Leperchaun and the leperchaun leaves with Crocker saying that "this hunchback looks yummy".Poof spits the cork out and timmy unties him! They hug! Then wanda Timmy give Poof his suprise at home saying it's his Birthday! Poof gets a pair of PJs, butter, and a Pac- Poof game!

Then Timmy wonders where Cosmo is. Then it shows Cosmo at Poof's school and says Where is Poof! I made him icecream all well! he eats it and gets a brain freeze then the episode ends

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