Nega Timmy returns (somehow), and he vows to make Timmy's life miserable by making Tootie forget about him. Unfortunately, he ends up getting Remy to forget about Trixie instead, so now Timmy and Tootie have to help Trixie get Remy to remember her.



  • This is Nega Timmy's second appearance.
  • Goof: NegaTimmy shouldn't have returned as he was just Timmy doing the opposite of what his parents said. Since they said "Be good", he became evil.
  • Chip Skylark has a cameo in this episode: He is seen dancing on top of a billboard in the background while Timmy and Tootie are walking through Dimmsdale.
  • Goof: When Nega Timmy is singing "I'm Evil!", he is dressed like Timmy.
  • During "I'm Evil!", previous villains can be seen as silhouettes. They are, in order: Remy, Trixie, Vicky, Dark Laser, Doombringer, Crocker, Mandie, Vicky, Trixie, Pumpkinator, Superbike in dragon mode, Dragon Vicky from "Breakin Da Rules", Nega Timmy himself, Short Fuse, NegaChin, Baby Shredder, Dark Laser, Foop, Dr. Bender, Dark Laser. At the end of the song, a giant silhouette appears behind Nega Timmy, but it is unknown who this is. It seems to resemble the Gilded Arches.
  • Timmy uses his heat vision multiple times in this episode. Listed below are some of these occurrences:
    1. He blasts Remy's back after hearing him say he doesn't know Trixie
    2. He blasts the Anti-Fairies that are flying towards him and Tootie after he says "At least the Anti-Fairies aren't here."
    3. When he's fighting the Giant Robot that kidnaps Tootie and Trixie.
  • Goof: The Tooth Fairy's silhouette is also seen in "I'm Evil!", but she's not a villain.

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