Rupert Felinus is upcoming Fairly Oddparents villain who is going to be voiced by Tim Curry. Rupert is a greedy intergalactic con artist warlord who actually is going to make the Pixies cry in an upcoming episode. He will make his debut in the episode "Purrfect". His hobies include smoking, galactic hunting, reading 1,000,000 page books, drinking champain, eating caviar, tormenting anyone he wants to, being the evilist of any other villain in this show that no one can ever replace him as #1 FOP villain. He is a tall, black cat with razor sharp claws, red eyes with lizard like irises, wears a black business suit and pants with a white inner business suit and a red tie with brown shoes, actually has black hair on his head that is similiar to a human's. (his hair gets messed up everytime he is attacked or stressed). He will appear as the main antainogist in the Fairly Oddparents Theaterical series finaly "A Wish in Time". He is the leader of The League of Purrfect Evil.

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