This is the 1st episode of Timmy's Horrorhouse. Timmy's horrorhouse actually has actual horror. This is intended for 12 year olds and 11 year olds. Children under 10 can also watch this.

Timmy wishes that he could have the entire october month off.

Cosmo and Wanda grant the wish and decide to prank him aswell by putting him to sleep and making him have a endless nightmare until he kills the scary king.

Well yeah Timmy unpolitely asked for having the entire october off?

Timmy can't wake up because Wanda and Cosmo used their magic to prevent Timmy from waking up.

Not even noise or pain can wake him up.

Timmy can suffer pain in his dreams but he can't wake up.

Timmy may encounter scary things such as screamers, Cyclops Poof (Appeared in fop halloween short.)

And the screamer (from the paintings) with a axe. Wanda and Cosmo wanted to put some action in Timmy's life.

There are 20 episodes in each season.



Tony Turner






Mr. Crocker


Jorgen Von Strangle (cameo)


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