Semi-Bitter Chocolate is the first Season 17 episode. The episode is based on the first episode of Xilam's Oggy and the Cockroaches. This marks the first episode in history of FOP not to have Cosmo and Wanda. (This was released after the episode Fairly Odd Finale)


Cockroaches Scaredy, Kenny and Joey steal Timmy's delivered box of chocolate which giving it back always fails! Will Timmy make revenge with the trio or will the trio gobble all the chocolate up?


  • The first ever FOP not to have Cosmo, Wanda or Poof. (Well, Timmy's longtime green-haired friend Zack resembles Cosmo)
  • First FOP episode not to have dialogue (Only gibberish delivered by actor and actress Tara Strong and Darran Norris. Gibberish talking is so far rare in each episode.)


Tara Strong: Timmy Turner

Darran Norris: Zack

Matt Hill: Scaredy

Samuel Vincent: Kenny

Tony Sampson: Joey

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