In this episode of "A Girl and Her Genie", Tootie wins tickets to see teen singing sensation Chip Skylark.


Dance Baby! by Chip Skylark, Timmy and Tootie


  • This is Chip's first appearance in this series.


  • When Tootie says "Hey Timmy, look what I won!", she's holding two red tickets. But when Timmy comes out of the lamp to see them, there are four pink tickets.


  • "Fairly OddParents": Chip Skylark appears in this episode.
  • "Phineas and Ferb": The song shares the name of a song on this show.
  • When Chip is shown in his studio, he says "At the rate these tickets are selling, I'll be more famous than Justin Timberlake".
  • The instrumental of the song "Wakko's America" from Animaniacs is played when Chip Skylark is being announced.

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