Title Card Quotes

Man 1: Up there in the sky!

Man 2: It's a plaaane!!

Man 1: Yes it's a plane!

Man 2: No It's STUPOR COSMO!

Intro Quotes

Narrator: Yes it's Stupor Cosmo!

Narrator: Possesive extraordinary powers

Narrator: This strange being from another planet is...

Narrator: Faster than a bullet!

Narrator: More powerful than a speeding locomotive!

Narrator: Can leap the tallest building!

(Stupor leaps into the building and hangs on the antenna)

Stupor: Hehehehehehehe!

Narrator: The sky has fallen him... A mild manner reporter on the Metro Dimmsdale Newspaper

Narrator: Stupor Cosmo fights an endless battle againts the forces of evil!

(Stupor's hand gets stuck in his other hand and spins as he removes it. He gets a medicine called "ACME MILD PILLS FOR MILD MANNERED PEOPLE", drinks it and gets some water)

TV Soap Opera: Mwhahahahah! You can't stop me Mr. Jorgen Von Strangel!

TV Soap Opera: I blow up everything! BOOM! POWY! BLAM! KA-BOOM!

TV Soap Opera: All over countries buildings! bridges! power plants! trains! ships!

TV Soap Opera: Everywhere ruined and destruction

TV Soap Opera: And I Harvard Ratmik will be supreme mwhahahahaha!

Stupor Cosmo: Blow up buildings, bridges, sink ships?

Stupor Cosmo: Say I believe this Harvard Ratmik sound is a leauge with the forces of evil!

Stupor Cosmo: And this is a job for stupor Cosmo!

Stupor Cosmo: Now to the broom closet

Stupor Cosmo: where the change is a mild mannered newspaper reporter to that of stupor Cosmo!

(Goes inside the broom closet which he mistakes it as a witch costume)

Witch Cosmo: Hehehehehehehehe! Oops! wrong costume!

(Goes back and gets the Super outfit)

Stupor Cosmo: Tadaa!

(Notices the shoulder sleeve is faced backwards)

TV Soap Opera: And I Harvard Ratmik will rule the world Mwhahahahaha!

Timmy: Now I'd like to watched this corny soap operas!

Stupor Cosmo: Where is he? where's the tiny little sneak.

Stupor Cosmo: Ahaa! he stays out in the window eii!

Stupor Cosmo: Stay in the side! this is a job for STUPOR COSMO!

(Opens the window but closes before he can go out, breaks the window and bumps into another building)

Stupor Cosmo: stix! I-I mean wouldn't they think they can find other places to put a building?

Act 1

(Stupor flies and sees a building blowing up)

Stupor Cosmo: The building right there it's blowing up!

(Cuts to the building)

Stupor Cosmo: Ahaa! the evil work of Harvard Ratmik this is a jot for STUPOR COSMO!

(Flies to the building and carries the building to its original place)

Stupor Cosmo: Tadaa!

(A construction worker goes to Cosmo)

Stupor Cosmo: No thanks for a nessacarilly good man i'm just doing my duty

(Worker punches Cosmo)

Stupor Cosmo: Then the lights went out all over the world!

Act 2

(Stupor sees a submarine)

Stupor Cosmo: There! in the ocean a ship sinking

(Camera cuts to the submarine)

Stupor Cosmo: Thank goodness raging plan from Harvard Ratmik with no-man for uuuh STUPOR DUCK!

(Carries the submarine and a cannon hits him)

Stupor Cosmo: Alright Ratmik, let's see if you try that again!

Submarine Captain: FIRE ONE!

Submarine Sailor: ONE WAY SIR!

(A missile fires)

Stupor Cosmo: Woo hoo - woo hoo - woo hoo - woo hoo - woo hoo - woo hoo!

(Missile explodes)

Stupor Cosmo: Mother!

(Sinks and leaves floating things including his "S" from his Super Outfit)


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