Sugar and Spies is a 2010 Wanda E. Coyote and Blond Runner cartoon.


During one of her many chases with the Blond Runner, Wanda E. Coyote is hit with a briefcase, thrown from a crook's car that's evading the police. The briefcase is actually a spy kit containing gadgets that Wanda E. tries to use on the Blond Runner, but which all fail as usual, including...

  1. Sleeping gas: Blond Runner dodges the gas and blows it back at Wanda E., who sleepwalks off a cliff.
  2. Do-it-yourself time bomb that Wanda E. mails to the Blond Runner (to nowhere particular). As she placed a "BOOM!" sign and arrow pointing on the o' clock spot of the clock, the package is returned to the Wanda by Blond Runner (disguised as a mailman) for insufficient postage. As Wanda E. takes the package back into her flat for an extra stamp, BOOM!
  3. Explosive putty which is applied under a huge bolder with a tower of sandwiches placed nearby. Wanda E. hides behind another boulder farther away and lights the fuse, only to be crushed by the flying boulder.
  4. Spy car equipped with machine guns, ejection seat and cannon: The bullets from the machine guns richochet off a bolder and blow away the car top, Wanda ejects himself from the car while suspended upside down, and the force from the cannon sends the car backwards, running over the Wanda who then fails to dodge the cannonball.
  5. Remote control flying bombs: Wanda E. tests the first bomb on a cactus, then sets the remote control for the next bomb to follow Blond Runner, who hides under Wanda's stool and escapes in time for Wanda E. to take the explosion. When the smoke clears, the dazed fairy has the bomb's wings attached to her arms, prompting the Blond Runner to set the remote control for the moon.

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