The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan
The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan
The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan title card

Created by

CandyAnaisWatterson777 (conceptualized by WikiaIvan1997)

Directed by

Butch and Sophia Hartman

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Running Time

22 minutes (2 11-minute episodes)

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Grey Griffin
Jason Alexander
Natalie Palamides
Kristen Li
Cheryl Hines
Rob Paulsen
E.G. Daily
Tara Strong
Kath Soucie
Kari Wahlgren
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Dante Basco
Mae Whitman
Janice Kawaye
Dee Bradley Baker
Carlos Alazraqui
Mr. Lawrence
Scott Baio
David Lewis
Teryl Rothery
Mark Gibbon
Tom Kenny
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Collin Dean
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Jennifer Hale
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Roger Craig Smith
Kate Higgins
Seychelle Gabriel
Andrea Libman
Cindy Robinson
Colleen Villard
Jack DeSena
Kirk Thorton
Wayne Knight
Jason Marsden
Gilbert Gottfried
Butch Hartman

Guest stars

Ben Stein
Brendan Fraser
Gregg Berger
Pat Musick
Jeremy Rowley
Ben Giroux
Seth Green

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The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan is a fanfiction series. It's about Sally, the character who appeared in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, "The Zappys!", receiving her own Fairy Godparent named Stan and going on great adventures. This fanfic is also a spin-off of The All New Fairly OddParents!, including having a few sub-plot episodes.


Main Characters

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Minor Characters


List of Episodes

Season 1

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 A New Godchild! Stan tells the origin story of how Sally got him as her fairy godparent. 2017 A New Godchild!
2 The First Parrot Flight Stan turns Sally into a parrot and takes her flying for the first time. 2017 The First Parrot Flight
3 Money for Nothing Sally discovers that she can wish for money. Meanwhile, Mary decides to follow Alyssa to find out where she is going and discovers that she's also babysitting Winston.

Debut appearance(s): Winston, Cameron and Fionna Toomes

2017 Money for Nothing
4 The Zappy Tryouts! Sally had been invited to enter the Zappy Awards for best godchild.

NOTE: This episode is the FOP short "The Zappys!" from Sally's POV.

Debut appearance(s): Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen Von Strangle, Tooth Fairy, and Billy Crystal Ball

2017 The Zappy Tryouts!
5 Governmental Mythical Hunt After being fired from the government trying to prove that fairy godparents exist after he spotted Sally with Stan, Zack Harrison came up with a plan to make Sally, unbeknownst to her, a pawn in order to catch Stan and prove his theory.

Debut appearance(s): Zack Harrison

2017 Governmental Mythical Hunt
6 Anti-Stan An anti-fairy named Nats wants Sally to be his anti-godparent after Jorgen stops Sally from wishing money, as this is against Da Rules. Will Stan and Mary be able to save Sally from her greed and overcome it or will she be consumed by her greed?

Debut appearance(s): Nats

2017 Anti-Stan
7 An Unusual School Day Sally goes to school and Zack Harrison decides to follow her.

Debut appearance(s): Bryan Parker, Xavier Tennyson, Ivette Ubetcha, Ash Harrison, Erika Harrison, Robert Doyle, Kimmy Turnbaum, Melvin Pilkey, Wendell Bender, Richard Jewls, Andrew Tennyson, Heather Summers, Emma Johnson, Iris Wattson, Vondila Johnson, Jill Hemerinson and Benjamin Woolworth

2017 An Unusual School Day
8 A Bratty Alliance Alyssa and the rest of the gang of babysitters went out and start to ruin every kids weekend. It's up to Sally to put a stop to her madness.

Debut appearance(s): Lauren Ledergerber, Mercy Frank and Libra Lane

2017 A Bratty Alliance
9 Go with the Two-Faced Flow Harry is going out on a date with Alyssa and Sally and Mary are spying on them to see what's going to happen if Harry is left out alone with Alyssa. 2017 Go with the Two-Faced Flow
10 Joyful Boredom Sally sees Stan and her family acting constantly boring and went to Fairy World to find out why. After meeting up with Timmy Turner, Ivan Prestonovich and their fairies, they explained to Sally that this was the work of the Pixies. Sally needs to do everything she can to help out to get Stan and others back to normal.

NOTE: This episode is a subplot of The All New Fairly OddParents! episode Operation: Board Attack!

Debut appearance(s): Poof, Ivan Prestonovich, Astronov, Neptunia, Head Pixie and Sanderson

Guest star: Ben Stein as Head Pixie and Sanderson

2017 Joyful Boredom
11 A Darhk Alliance TBA

Debut appearance(s): Clyde Darhk, Tobias and Dr. Hyde

2017 TBA
12 The Day Jorgen Stops Being a Godparent Tired of seeing Winston being abused by Jorgen, Sally decides to call the Fairy Council and tries to tell them about Jorgen's abuse of Winston. 2017 TBA
13 Stan's Relatives Sally gets to meet Stan's parents, Hans and Wendy.

Debut appearance(s): Hans and Wendy

Guest stars: Gregg Berger as Hans and Pat Musick as Wendy.

2017 TBA
14 Bitteroot's Brew TBA

Debut appearance(s): Alden Bitteroot

2017 TBA
15 Hassle in the Birdhouse Sally goes inside Stan's birdhouse for a visit. 2017 TBA
16 Playing Fire With Fire After being defeated by Sally again, Alyssa decides to team up with Nats to even the playing field. 2017 TBA
17 The Substitute Teacher Sally and Stan must stop Tobias, who disguised himself as substitute teacher of Spellementary School, from revealing the existence of other magical creatures and fairies to the government by taking pictures of the magical children as well as draining them of their magic. Meanwhile, Zack has kidnapped and imprisoned Ms. Powers in his house in order to date her as well as to drain her powers and send her to the government. It's up to Mary to save Ms. Powers and foil Zack's plan. 2017 TBA
18 Boudacian Science Sally and Stan go to a planet called Boudacia and meet a Boudacian scientist named Oscar. 2017 TBA
19 The Cosplayer After being kicked out of the local talent show for being a girl, Mary decides to cosplay as a boy to enter the show. 2017 TBA
20 The Amazing Scare of Sally Amber Halloween is here and Nats and Alyssa are getting in the way of it. Yet, they are the least of Sally's problems due to her in frenzy of another babysitter in town by the name of Vicky!

Debut appearance(s): Vicky the Babysitter

2017 TBA
21 When There's a Wand, There's a Way Sally and Stan's greatest challenge is underway, they must succeed the Godparent/Godchild test if they are willing to help other kids and their godchildren on any threat.

Note: This special takes place near the end of The All New Fairly OddParents! special, "The End of Dimmsdale".

Debut appearance(s): Timantha Turner

Guest star: Brendan Fraser as Turbo Thunder/2.D. Turbo Thunder

2017 TBA
22 The Family From Wonder World It has been 3 weeks since 2.D. Turbo Thunder's invasion of Dimmsdale and things are going great for Sally, Stan and Mary. But when another Meta-Human had recently moved from Wonder World to Earth to start a new life and find someone important, Sally, Mary, and Stan decide to investigate.

Debut appearance(s): Gravito, Aero, Gravitress and Alphamorpho

2017 TBA

Season 2

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
23 The Schmidt Sisters TBA

Debut appearance(s): Lizzy Schmidt, Connie Schmidt, Lina Schmidt, Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Schmidt and Marty Schmidt.

2017 TBA
24 Can We Keep Her? Mary wants a pet after seeing how Sally's fairy godparent Stan acted as a parrot, and asks her parents to go to the pet store and buy one herself. However, the pet doesn't really get along with Sally and Mary's parents.

Debut appearance: Cassie

2017 TBA
25 The Birth of a Cyclone TBA

Debut appearance: Dark Cyclone

2017 TBA
26 Terrific Twelves Winston's birthday is coming up, and Sally and Stan decide to help him out and make his 12th birthday the best. 2017 TBA
27 Sally and Mary the Ice Sorceress When Alyssa is unable to babysit because she is sick, Nats visits her and tells her a magical story about Sally Amber and her sister, Mary, as well as her godparent, Stan. Using Jorgen's stolen magical book that he used to tell the story about Timmy and his godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, Nats tells the story of the Ice Sorcerer, Stan and his 2 apprentices, Sally and Mary. 2017 TBA
28 Unnamed Dimmsdale Elementary School episode Sally and Timmy decide to switch schools to see which one is better. 2017 TBA
29 Unnamed Anti-Tooth Fairy episode TBA 2017 TBA
30 Construction Time TBA

Debut appearance: Thomas Logan

2017 TBA
31 Virtual In-Sally-ity Sally tries out a virtual reality machine during a science show and is so impressed with it that she wishes to have it at home. 2017 TBA
32 Dante the Lunch Man After Mary and Bryan accidentally unleashed the most devestating prank on the school lunch lady, which sets the school on fire, Benjamin hires a new lunch man named Dante Turner. Unknown to everyone, Dante Turner is actually a Daran Turner clone from the Planet of the Dads, and wanted to start a new life as teacher of Sally's school. 2017 TBA
33 The Adventures of Sal and Stella TBA

Note: This is a gender-swapped episode of "The Adventures of Sally Amber and Stan".

2017 TBA
34 The Amazing Christmas for Alyssa Armstrong TBA 2017 The Amazing Christmas for Alyssa Armstrong
35 Prisoners of Friendship Wendell makes a deal with Nats to give him a magic wand that he stole from a fairy and Wendell uses it to do whatever he wants and to make friends, and soon captures the students of Lyra Ubetcha Memorial School and puts them in prison and forces them to be friends with him. Can Sally find a way to free her classmates from Wendell's grasp and return the stolen magic wand? 2018 TBA
36 2nd Dimension Alphamorpho TBA 2018 TBA
37 Another Fairy Hunter? Sally must deal with her substitute teacher named Denzel Crocker who turns out to be another fairy hunter, after her teacher, Richard Jewls, got sick. Meanwhile, Zack discovers what happened to the stolen government lab robot. 2018 TBA
38 Gravity Beast Amanda Killman has tricked Gravito into giving her his gravity powers while testing his mother's invention, the Body Switcher Helmet. Now sent with formidable gravity powers that she stole from Jonathan and stealing Stan's wand, Amanda has set sight into destroying Bunsen and his house, as well as getting rid of him forever. It's up to Sally and Mikey to get Stan's wand back and stop Amanda from destroying Bunsen's house.

NOTE: This is a crossover between Bunsen is a Beast and The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan.

Guest stars: Ben Giroux as Mikey Munroe and Jeremy Rowley as Bunsen.

2018 TBA
39 Unnamed Wonder World episode Sally, Mary and Stephanie visit Wonder World with Jonathan. 2018 TBA
40 Remembering Lyra Ubetcha Sally and Stan visit Ivette's father, Chet Ubetcha, and ask him to tell a story of how he met his late wife, Lyra. 2018 TBA
41 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
42 Amber vs. Snipowitz TBA 2018 TBA
43 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
44 TBA TBA 2018 TBA

Season 3

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
45 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
46 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
47 Stan Falls in Love Stan, a single fairy godparent, spots a beautiful fairy named Eliza and falls in love with her. However, Zack plans to capture them both. Will Sally be able to protect her fairy godfather and his newfound love?

Debut appearance(s): Eliza

Guest stars: Gregg Berger as Hans and Pat Musick as Wendy.

2018 TBA
48 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
49 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
50 Mary at the Zappys

Taking place from Mary Amber's perspective of the Zappys, when the Zappys award come again, it's Mary's turn to enter the Zappys award.

Note: This episode takes place of Season 4 episode "The Zappys 2: Award Boogaloo" from Mary Amber's perspective.

2018 TBA
51 Unnamed Magic Muffin episode Jorgen has given Sally the Magic Muffin, a muffin that can grant rule-free wishes after she and Mary had kept Stan a secret. 2018 TBA
52 Unnamed future episode An episode about Sally and Stan taking place 5 years in the future. 2018 TBA
53 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
54 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
55 Unnamed Anti-fairies episode TBA 2018 TBA
56 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
57 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
58 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
59 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
60 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
61 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
62 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
63 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
64 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
65 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
66 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
67 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
68 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
69 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
70 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
71 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
72 TBA TBA 2018 TBA

Season 4

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
73 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
74 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
75 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
76 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
77 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
78 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
79 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
80 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
81 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
82 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
83 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
84 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
85 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
86 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
87 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
88 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
89 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
90 Fraud of a Mayor TBA 2018 TBA
91 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
92 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
93 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
94 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
95 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
96 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
97 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
98 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
99 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
100 Alyssa Calls it Quits TBA 2018 TBA


  • This fanfic series unites some of the cast members from both Powerpuff Girls cartoons: two from the original series (E.G. Daily and Tara Strong), and two from the 2016 reboot (Natalie Palamides and Kristen Li). E.G. Daily (the voice of Winston) and Natalie Palamides (the voice of Harry Amber) both voiced Buttercup, while Tara Strong (the voice of Timmy, Timantha and Poof) and Kristen Li (the voice of Mary Amber) both voiced Bubbles.