The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation
The Fairly OddParents; The Next Generation Title Card
The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation title card

Created by


Directed by

Butch Hartman

Number of Seasons

1 so far

Number of episodes

22 so far

Running Time

22 minutes (2 11-minute episodes)

TV Rating


Title Cards + Artwork by



Tara Strong
Kath Soucie
Grey Griffin
Cree Summer
Phil LaMarr
Dee Bradley Baker
E.G. Daily
Cathy Cavadini
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Dante Basco
Mae Whitman
Janice Kawaye
Carlos Alazraqui
Eric Bauza
Drake Bell
Daniella Monet
Justin Roiland
Kari Wahlgren
Devon Weigel
Jason Marsden
Kevin Michael Richardson
Carolyn Lawrence
Dionne Quan
Rachael MacFarlane
Rob Paulsen
John DiMaggio
Khary Payton
Gilbert Gottfried
Butch Hartman
Candi Milo
Dave Foley
Steven Weber
Greg Cipes
Hynden Walch
Jennifer Hale
Tom Kenny
Cheryl Chase
Olivia Olson
Scott Menville
Billy West
Katey Sagal
Lauren Tom

Guest stars

Chris Kirkpatrick

Opening theme

New Generation of Fairly OddParents

The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation is a fanfiction series that anyone can edit. It takes place 20 years into the future and mainly focuses on the children of Timmy, Ivan, A.J. and others. This fanfic is also a sequel to The All New Fairly OddParents!.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters



Season 1


Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Not So Bright Future Taking place 20 years in the future with the story of Timmy, Ivan and A.J.'s future children. 2018 Not so Bright Future
2 Meet the Mulligans TBA

Debut appearance(s): David, Carly, Marty and Mitzie Mulligan

2018 TBA
3 Ice Ice Jessie Jessie becomes tired of traditional ice cream flavors and wishes for new, unique flavors. 2018 TBA
4 A Bird Out of Jail Francis is released from prison... 2018 TBA
5 A Rainy Dose of Magic When a rainy day hits Dimmsdale, Greg, Jessie, Tommy and Tammy, plus their friends and fairy godparents, come up with various ways to make a rainy day exciting. 2018 TBA
6 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
7 Friendly Popular Rivalry A new girl arrives at Dimmsdale Elementary by the name of Amanda Martin, and instantly becomes the most popular girl in school, taking away Jessie's attention. Amanda and Jessie both form a rivalry towards each other, and eventually compete in a pageant. Who will win?

Debut appearance(s): Amanda Martin, Tony, Anne and Alice

2018 TBA
8 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
9 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
10 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
11 An Unforgettable Reunion Timmy and his friends have a reunion at school, but Denzel and Hector both plan to ruin it. It's up to the kids to stop the Crockers from ruining the school reunion. 2018 TBA
12 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
13 Quest for the Golden Dragon Tommy, Tammy and their fairies and friends discover an old picture book called "Dragonheart". They look through it and discover that the paintings illustrate the story of a dragon named Pete Dragon, who seeks to carry a treasure from the Moon (depicted as a woman) to her love object, the Sun (a man). On reaching the Sun, Pete finds that he has lost the treasure, and so it's up to the kids to discover its location by looking through the pictures and concealing clues to the location of the Golden Dragon, an amulet worth a lot of money that was created and hidden somewhere in Dimmsdale. Unbeknownst to the kids, Hector listened to the plan and plans to find the amulet before the kids do. 2018 TBA
14 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
15 New Super Kids TBA 2018 TBA
16 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
17 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
18 Unnamed Halloween episode TBA 2018 TBA
19 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
20 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
21 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
22 TBA TBA 2018 TBA


  • Most of the ideas and characters came from the live-action Fairly OddParents movies.

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