The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation
The Fairly OddParents; The Next Generation Title Card
The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation title card

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Butch Hartman

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22 minutes (2 11-minute episodes)

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Tara Strong
Kath Soucie
Grey Griffin
Cree Summer
Phil LaMarr
Dee Bradley Baker
E.G. Daily
Cathy Cavadini
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Dante Basco
Mae Whitman
Janice Kawaye
Carlos Alazraqui
Eric Bauza
Drake Bell
Daniella Monet
Justin Roiland
Kari Wahlgren
Devon Weigel
Jason Marsden
Kevin Michael Richardson
Carolyn Lawrence
Kelly Hu
Seth MacFarlane
Rachael MacFarlane
Rob Paulsen
John DiMaggio
Khary Payton
Jim Ward
Gilbert Gottfried
Butch Hartman
Candi Milo
Dave Foley
Steven Weber
Greg Cipes
Hynden Walch
Jennifer Hale
S. Scott Bullock
Charlie Schlatter
Jason Alexander
Tom Kenny
Cheryl Chase
Olivia Olson
Scott Menville
Billy West
Katey Sagal
Lauren Tom
Debi Derryberry
Seth Green
Sean Astin
Quinton Flynn
Janet Varney
Nancy Cartwright
Wayne Knight
Alyson Court
Roger Craig Smith
Cindy Robinson
AnnaSophia Robb
Nolan North

Guest stars

Chris Kirkpatrick
Tress MacNeille
Jay Leno
Chad Doreck
Noah Segan
Julia McIlvaine
Jack DeSena

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New Generation of Fairly OddParents

The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation is a fanfiction series. It takes place 20 years into the future and mainly focuses on the children of Timmy, Ivan, A.J. and others. This fanfic is also a sequel to The All New Fairly OddParents!.


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Season 1

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Not So Bright Future Taking place 20 years in the future with the story of Timmy, Ivan and A.J.'s future children. 2018 Not so Bright Future
2 Meet the Mulligans The Turners get new neighbors: the Mulligans, who moved into the same house where the Dinklebergs used to live. Tommy and Tammy try to introduce their new friends, Marty and Mitzie, to their other friends at school. Meanwhile, the adults try to reprogram Robot Vicky after she malfunctions and attacks the adults.

Debut appearance(s): David, Carly, Marty, Mitzie Mulligan and Robot Vicky

2018 Meet the Mulligans
3 Ice Ice Jessie Jessie becomes tired of traditional ice cream flavors and wishes for new, unique flavors. 2018 Ice Ice Jessie
4 A Bird Out of Jail Francis is released from prison, and wants to get revenge on the person responsible for locking him up for 12 years.

Absent: Tommy, Tammy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Greg, Jessie, Astronov, Neptunia, Sunny, Otto, Marty, Mitzie, Juandissimo, Blonda, D.J. and C.J.

2018 A Bird Out of Jail
5 A Rainy Dose of Magic When a rainy day hits Dimmsdale, Greg, Jessie, Tommy and Tammy, plus their friends and fairy godparents, come up with various ways to make a rainy day exciting. 2018 A Rainy Dose of Magic
6 Chester McDaredevil Greg and Jessie wish for their uncle Chester to become a daredevil. 2018 Chester McDaredevil
7 Friendly Popular Rivalry A new girl arrives at Dimmsdale Elementary by the name of Amanda Martin, and instantly becomes the most popular girl in school, taking away Jessie's attention. Amanda and Jessie both form a rivalry towards each other, and eventually compete in a talent show. Who will win?

Debut appearance(s): Amanda Martin, Tony, Anne and Alice

2018 Friendly Popular Rivalry
8 Skylark Family Tour TBA

Debut appearance(s): Mike Skylark, Maria Martin, Tom Martin, Mandy Martin, Toni Martin, Noah Tremorts and June Wildenmere

Guest star(s): Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark, Noah Segan as Noah Tremorts and Julia McIlvaine as June Wildenmere.

2018 Skylark Family Tour
9 Fairy Turners Tommy and Tammy wish to turn their parents into fairies. 2018 Fairy Turners
10 Conglo-Magnate Hugh J. Magnate, with the help of his evil bunny, Denzel and Hector escapes from the mental asylum, and wants to get revenge on his former assistant, Janice, who is now managing his oil company, and he also has a plan to prove that fairy godparents exist.

Debut appearance(s): Hugh J. Magnate Jr., Janice and the Evil Bunny

2018 TBA
11 An Unforgettable Reunion Timmy and his friends have a reunion at school, but Denzel and Hector both plan to ruin it. It's up to the kids to stop the Crockers from ruining the school reunion. 2018 An Unforgettable Reunion
12 The Zappys! 3: Third Time's the Charm When the Zappy Awards ceremoney came again, the kids of the new generation decide to enter and see who is the best godchild. 2018 TBA
13 Quest for the Golden Dragon Tommy, Tammy and their fairies and friends discover an old picture book called "Dragonheart". They look through it and discover that the paintings illustrate the story of a dragon named Pete Dragon, who seeks to carry a treasure from the Moon to her love object, the Sun. On reaching the Sun, Pete finds that he has lost the treasure, and so it's up to the kids to discover its location by looking through the pictures and concealing clues to the location of the Golden Dragon, an amulet worth a lot of money that was created and hidden somewhere in Dimmsdale. Unbeknownst to the kids, Hector listened to the plan and plans to find the amulet before the kids do. 2018 TBA
14 New Friend, Old Enemy Tommy, Greg and Marty befriend a kid named Charlie, who is cool and studies karate. However, other kids are skeptical about Charlie, and suspect that he is not what he seems.

Debut appearance(s): Charlie Amber

2018 TBA
15 New Super Kids TBA

Debut appearance(s): Tarantula Boy, Depth Perceptor, Stretch Gal, Beat Dropper, Hornet Gal, Shineflame, Bud, Human Lighter, Orange Son, Atomic Woman, Daughter Nature, Limb Detatcher, Papercutter, Mystika and Little Boss

Guest star(s): Jay Leno as the Crimson Chin, Noah Segan as Limb Detatcher and Julia McIlvaine as Papercutter.

2018 TBA
16 Veronica's Overture Jessie and Greg wish for Jessie's mom, Veronica, to perform at operas. 2018 Veronica's Overture
17 The Pet Showdown The Dimmsdale Pet Audition has came once again, but Sparky came back and turns the kids into pet animals. 2018 TBA
18 Night of Wishful Frights It's Halloween, and the kids try to celebrate it, but the Anti-Fairies plan to ruin it.

Debut appearance(s): Anti-Tony, Anti-Anne and Anti-Alice

2018 Night of Wishful Frights
19 One Heck of a Thanksgiving The kids try to celebrate Thanksgiving, but Hector plans to ruin it. 2018 TBA
20 Saving Sheldon Dinkleberg Despite erasing what remained of the Dinklebergs, Dante and Daran had forgotten to take "care" of the pets of the Dinklebergs when their last surviving pet Peaches and her new owner, Sanjay's stepbrother, Nathan Ryan tell the kids about Dinkleberg being stranded in outer space, the kids and their fairies plan to rescue Sheldon from the Planet of the Dads and bring him back to Earth.

Guest star: Tress MacNeille as Peaches.

2018 TBA
21 Revenge of the Dinkleberg After being enslaved in the Planet of the Dads for 20 years as well as suffering from abuse from the Dads, Sheldon is finally aware of Daran's intense hatred of him and his inability to let it go. Sheldon decides it's time to get revenge on Daran and confront him about his rivalry with the intention of putting an end to it.

Guest star: Tress MacNeille as Peaches.

2018 TBA
22 A Generation to Camp The kids go out camping, but it was not what they expected. They're going to need everything they have in them in order to survive their surroundings. 2018 TBA
23 Billiard Fools After Amanda shows her friends one of her favorite pastimes, billiard, they find it boring and wish to make it more interesting. 2018 TBA
24 Trilogy of Tales The kids tell three stories to each other: one with a western theme, one with a film-noir theme and one with a sports theme. 2018 TBA
25 Junior Lifeguards TBA 2018 TBA
26 Different Generation, Same Love Triangle With Tommy having a soft spot for both Jessie and C.J., he asks for some advice from his parents and neighbors to help him wisely choose who's the perfect girlfriend. 2018 Different Generation, Same Love Triangle
27 Spellementary School Tour The kids wish to visit the Spellementary School. 2018 TBA
28 Growed Up Fairy Babies Poof has a dream where he, Sunny and other fairy babies have grown up and became adults.

Guest star: Chad Doreck as adult Sammy.

2018 TBA
29 Flight of Fancy Magic The kids arrive at Holland to watch the ACES competition and to meet Jessie's first cousin once removed, Betty Star. 2018 TBA
30 How the Martin Stole Wishmas Tired of getting decorations in her room that aren't as good as the rest of her families, Amanda made the decision to go and steal a few decorations from her friends houses on Christmas Eve. Yet, she's been slowly feeling guilty about what she's done, but didn't want to confess. Is Amanda going to do what's right, or for her own purpose? 2018 How the Martin Stole Wishmas

Season 2

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
31 B.J. After clobbering each other over a baseball during a baseball game, it is revealed that D.J. is actually bald. 2018 TBA
32 A Half-Ghost in Dimmsdale? TBA

Debut appearance(s): Heidi Larsman

2018 TBA
33 Gregey Suave When being told that he wasn't confident enough to go to the new club in town, Greg wishes to be one. 2018 80px
34 Honey, I Shrunk the Godchildren After mishearing what the kids say while watching a movie at high volume, Neptunia accidentally shrunk their godchildren, the other fairies and herself. 2018 TBA
35 Kid Cop Land TBA 2018 TBA
36 Unnamed Charlie and Vicky episode TBA 2018 TBA
37 Comic Rarity TBA

Guest star(s): Noah Segan as Noah Tremorts and Julia McIlvaine as June Wildenmere.

2018 TBA
38 Hero With an "F" in Niceness TBA 2018 TBA
39 A Generous Dimma-Donation TBA 2018 TBA
40 The New Anti-Godchild Charlie receives new anti-godparents named Nats and Anti-Eliza after failing to bully the kids and their godparents. 2018 TBA
41 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
42 Tang Pictures Presents... Tommy, Tammy, their friends and fairy godparents decide to make a film with Trixie Tang in the lead role. 2018 TBA
43 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
44 Unnamed Friday the 13th episode When Friday the 13th approaches, the Anti-Fairies asked help from their new allies, the Chain Belt Dojo and Francis, to help them spread bad luck and stop the godkids from preventing the Anti-Fairies spread bad luck in exchange for giving Francis' students their own anti-godparents. 2018 TBA
45 B.R.A.T Reunion Vicky has sent invitations to her former B.R.A.T. friends for a reunion at Vicky's Day Care Center. 2018 TBA
46 No Country for Jazz Men TBA 2018 TBA
47 A Cause in the Doghouse Amanda goes inside Tony and Anne's doghouse... 2018 TBA
48 Wishful Jalopy Amanda finds an old, rusty van in an old barn near her mansion, and shows it off to other kids and fairies. Meanwhile, Francis steals Timmy and Tootie's car for criminal needs. While the kids go and hunt down Francis to get Timmy and Tootie's car back, the Turners are left with the old van to drive around. 2018 TBA
49 Generation Paradox Part One Timmy wishes for technology twenty years later to exist in his time. Meanwhile in the future during her birthday, Jessie wishes for technology twenty years ago to exist in her time. Little was known that it was slowly ripping fabric of space and time. 2018 Generation Paradox Part One
50 Generation Paradox Part Two After the future kids met up with their past parents, they need to work together to stop the ripping fabric of time before everything and themselves disappears forever. 2018 Generation Paradox Part Two
51 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
52 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
53 Game Dev Wishing! Timmy has an idea for a new video game, so Tommy, Tammy, their fairies and other kids want to help him develop it. 2018 TBA
54 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
55 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
56 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
57 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
58 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
59 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
60 TBA TBA 2018 TBA

Season 3

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
61 The Son of the Mayor TBA

Debut appearance(s): Maxwell O' Leary

2018 TBA
62 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
63 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
64 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
65 What Might Have Been in the 2nd Dimension Maxwell wonders what would've happened if he didn't get his fairy godparents. Stan and Eliza show the scenario where they would end up in the 2nd dimension Dimmsdale and would've been fairy godparents to an alternate, good version of Charlie Amber.

One-Time appearance(s): 2.D. Charlie Amber and 2.D. Alphamorpho

Guest star(s): Jack DeSena as 2.D. Alphamorpho.

2018 TBA
66 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
67 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
68 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
69 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
70 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
71 Operation: No More Gravito Francis has sent his students to travel back in time to get rid of Gravito as a kid as well as informing his past self about the existence of fairies and informing him about Timmy's godparents. However, Harry, angered at Francis' plans to expose his past self about the existence of fairies and Timmy's godparent, vows to foil the plans of the Chain Belt Dojo and save Timmy and his godparents as well informing Gravito about the downer future that is coming. 2018 TBA
72 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
73 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
74 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
75 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
76 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
77 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
78 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
79 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
80 End of the Cyclone TBA 2018 TBA

Season 4

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
81 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
82 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
83 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
84 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
85 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
86 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
87 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
88 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
89 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
90 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
91 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
92 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
93 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
94 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
95 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
96 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
97 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
98 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
99 TBA TBA 2018 TBA
100 Wishes Come Undone TBA 2018 TBA


  • Most of the ideas and characters came from the live-action Fairly OddParents movies.

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