Series Name
Season 10, Episode 1
Written by TG
Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Jimmy + Timmy Power Hour 6: Gary's World
Le Francais Recipe!

The Truth Hurts is the 1st episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 10.



Timmy lies to Misty so Misty gets all mad at Timmy. She then takes it into her own hands and takes steals Cosmo's wand and wishes that for a whole day, Timmy wouldn't lie. This presents a problem, when Mr. Crocker asks Timmy if faries exist. Misty then tries EVERYTHING to keep Crocker from asking Timmy. Eventually, Misty gets found out and that SHE has to spend a day without lieing. The epsiode ends with Misty litering and a cop asking if she did it.


  • The plot's simmlar to 'Liar,Liar'
  • Mystic dosen't appear in this epsiode.

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