Tiffany is a dark clone of Tootie who appears in the "A Girl and Her Genie" episode "Nega-Tootie". She was originally designed AS Tootie, resulting from a wish to have more of an attitude, which apparently would've made her as cynical and condescendiong as Tiffany is. She shares Tootie's name, and thus is often referred to as Nega-Tootie", or (if Tootie is the one talking abnout her): "The other me" or "The Bad Me". She becomes a recurring villain after her debut, and has magical abilities similar to those of a Genie or a fairy. Timmy thinks she may in fact be a Dark Sprite, a mischevious fairy-like creature that has the ability to copy the appearance of any human or magical creature.

Tiffany as she appears.

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