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Written by User:CAPRAFILMS
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Timmy's Clues is a fanmade Fairly OddParents episode.


Timmy loses Poof and pretends to be a detective to look for clues. He soon discovers that somebody has Poof. It is Crocker.



  • Timmy
  • Cosmo
  • Wanda
  • Poof
  • Mr. Turner
  • Crocker


  • This is the third time Timmy loses Poof. The other episodes are being Mission Responsible, and Bad Heir Day.
  • Crocker's second time he discovers Poof.
  • Timmy's second time to have a mystery adventure.


Timmy: Have you seen my baby.
Dad: Er, what baby.
Timmy: Uh the ball.
Dad: Sorry son, but I'm too busy working right now.

Timmy: Oh no. Cosmo and Wanda are gonna be home in a second and I still can't find Poof.

(Timmy sighs)

Crocker: My fairy and I can have fun together now. Whoo.

(Crocker holds Poof)

Crocker: This day has gone GOOOOD. 


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